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    Question Where is the heat sensor on my Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW?

    Hi everyone, I will really appreciate some advice regarding my ZenBook pro UX501VW laptop. It seems that the laptop fans lost the ability to regulate their velocity. Every time I turn on the laptop, after a couple of minutes the fans start working at full speed and they don’t stop unless I close...
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    Question Fans running full speed when Laptop is idle

    Hi everyone, I will really appreciate some advice as my ZenBook pro UX501VW laptop fans are running at full speed all the time even when no processes are working except of the default Windows processes. I have tried so many things - I have physically cleaned my laptop and fans from the inside...
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    What is the difference between Asus ROG G501 and ZB Pro UX501?

    Hello, Due to moving to a more cramped apartment, I don't think I can bring my desktop computer. Thus I've been looking into gaming laptops. I'm a bit picky in the sense that I want mobility and thinness along with some performance. So that left me stopping by at Asus where I found these...