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    Solved! My Asus ZENBOOK UX430UA won't startup normally

    Hi, This is my first post on Tom's Guide forum hope i'll find someone to help me. i have an issue with my Znbook laptop UX430UA, the problem is that my laptop won't startup till i push the power buton 3 times, the first and second one must be long and the third must be a short one and here we...
  2. A

    Solved! ZenBook 14 UX425 (11th Gen Intel) VS Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8

    Hi there! Today the latest Asus Zenbook 13.3" went on sale for 899$ (Amazon; 1TB NVME, 16GB LPDDR4, Intel 11th CPU, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.0b...) Asus claims the battery should last 18 hours. I didn't pick one. I spent the entire day going over some laptops I wrote down a while ago. Crazy, I...
  3. M

    Solved! Asus Zenbook 14 UM425IA warm tint

    Hello everyone, i recently bought this laptop and as you can see on both the pictures theres a clear warm tint to my screen. Now ive done some research and i know this is common on Asus laptops, but ive already disabled the asus splendid feature through the MyAsus app and the tint persists...
  4. scyron

    Solved! Asus ZenBook Flip 15 suddenly died (UX562)

    Hello guys! I hope you are all doing well 😊 I need your help cause my laptop died suddenly this week while I was teleworking. It's a good one I bought 1 year ago for photography and video editing: https://www.asus.com/2-in-1-PCs/ASUS-ZenBook-Flip-15-UX562FD/ -The AC cable was pluged in and...
  5. LucieVdw

    Solved! ASUS laptop doesn’t turn on

    Hi everyone, I am a Belgian student (excuse me if I don’t write very correctly). I have a problem with my ASUS zenbook laptop (UX310) which I bought almost three years ago and since last night it won’t turn on but the battery indicator is green (fixed, not blinking) and next to it the light bulb...
  6. Huema838

    Question ASUS Zenbook UX390U Rattling Noise when fan is on

    As soon as the fans start the laptop makes this annoying high pitched rattling noise and it gets louder if it's sat with something uneven underneath. This has had this problem since i got the laptop around 3 weeks ago, but i put up with it because i liked everything else about it. Need help /...
  7. R

    Laptop fans at full speed (100%) all the time (even in UEFI menu)

    The two fans of my ASUS Zenbook UX303LN are running at full speed all the time. Even though the temperature of the CPU, the GPU, and the hard drive is lower than 40 ºC. I have Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit installed, but I think it's a hardware problem. First, because the problem is also present when...
  8. J

    Asus Zenbook Ux305LA shuts off

    hi, 2 years back i bought an asus zenbook ux305la for school. since a couple weeks i have had an issue with the laptop. when i don't charge it it will stay on for 1-20 minutes. but then the laptop just shuts down. when i try to turn it on, multiple things can happen: 1 it doesnt boot. the lights...
  9. S


    I am going into college next year and am in need of a laptop. I've been caught between these two Zenbooks for a while and would like someone's opinion on which one to get (so which one is more worthwhile). In college, I am a science major and am going to be writing fairly often. I also plan to...
  10. R

    asus zenbook ux303ln not booting, power and f2/airplane button on, cpu pipes hot

    Hey techies, so i have the following problem. Yesterday night i worked with my laptop as usual and turned it off still plugged with ac. today i try to startup the laptop and the power button lights on (or was already) but nothing more happens. The screen is black but after a minute the...
  11. J

    Notebook decision UX390UA vs UX430UA

    Hello awesome people, I need help deciding between this two models. In one hand I got Asus ZenBook 3 UX390UA: CPU: Intel Core i7 dual-core (7th Gen) 7500U / 2.7 GHz RAM: 16gb LPDDR3 Storage: 512gb M.2 PCIe 3 SSD Display: 12.5" 1920 x 1080 Display Battery: 40Wh (like 6hrs medium usage) Conexions...
  12. dmcfc

    What Ultrabook to buy today at Black Friday?

    So I've been looking for a while to buy a new ultrabook. However I don't really want to buy the really high end models. So I'm placing my budget as $850. As far as today's deals go, I've seen the Huawei Matebook X going for $800 on amazon and the macbook air (I know it's kind of dated, but...
  13. M

    Laptop for business use

    HI, Currently I'm changing company I will work for and I've been asked to choose notebook that company will buy for me. In previous company we've usually used DELL Latitude as they had opinion of being very reliable computers for business use and having good guarantee (3 years NBD). Specs I...
  14. R

    How to fix an Asus UX305 that has blank screen but it still powering up?

    I just bought my Asus Zenbook UX305 for just a year and now it's starting to have blank screen everytime I try to boot it. The power button is on but the screen stays blank, nothing comes up even the cursor.
  15. T

    Which Asus Zenbook should I get?

    So now that I've started studying at a university I need a laptop as soon as possible. I would like something that's easy to travel with (lightweight, relatively small, 14" inch would be perfect). So when I first saw the Asus Zenbook UX430UA I fell in love straight away. There are 2 options...
  16. I

    Touchpad doesn't work or show up in device manager

    My touchpad for my ASUS Zenbook UX305CA isn't working. It isn't showing up in device manager either, but there are several unknown devices, one of which might be it. I've tried Fn + F9 and the ASUS Smart Gesture program is installed as it came with the laptop. I've already tried the Reset My PC...
  17. I

    ASUS Zenbook UX305CA freezes/blackscreens on startup

    My new Zenbook (bought "refurbished") isn't working. Whenever I turn it on, it gets to the windows sign-in screen then freezes after I type in a couple characters of my password. Then I have to restart and I get the same issue. Sometimes it does log in, but either instantly freezes again upon...
  18. K

    Dell XPS 13 vs. Asus Zenbook UX303

    I'm an Biomedical Engineering student and I need a new laptop. Right now I have the HP Spectre but there's a terrifying metallic noise coming from the interior, which I think is a design flaw. It sounds like the fan scraping on a component. Im now looking at the Dell XPS 13 and Asus Zenbook...
  19. R

    Asus Zenbook wouldn't start after low battery

    I have an Asus Zenbook UX303L. Last night when I was away it run on battery. When I came back, it had only 6% of juice left. I hurried to get the power charger but until I came back it powered down. After plugging in the charger I tried to reboot but the laptop wouldn't boot. I left it charging...
  20. K

    ASUS UX360CA Screen Won't Automatically Rotate

    So a few days ago, I picked up a brand new UX360CA signature edition from the Microsoft store (running WIn10). When I was using it initially, the screen would auto-rotate if you flipped the lid around and physically rotated the device. Now, I can't get it to automatically rotate at all. I've...
  21. F

    External gpu + Cooling fan?

    Hey!, I have an old ux31a. I want to play games thats not really going to hit on my igpu. Like Csgo. But it seems like it hits at around 85w at load. I have looked around the web and seems like using integrated gpu can affect cpu heat. And id likr to invest on a cooling fan as well to cool it...
  22. rabidrabbit

    Asus Zenbook UX303la not booting

    hello, all. here is my situation. I have a zenbook ux303la that had a broken hinge. I opened it up replaced the back panel behind the screen that holds the hinge and put it back together. now it does not turn on. what's weirder is that the f2 key that also is airplane mode blinks once when I...
  23. cognus

    Zenbook Zombie after sleeping with USB device plugged in. fix??

    we have two Asus UX305FA notebooks running windows 10. one works flawlessly, the other not so much. several times the annoying one has ended up in a zombie state after going to sleep, and the choices for getting it back seemed to be either: - leave it for days til the battery finally reaches a...
  24. MarbleFox

    Does the Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW support PEN and not just a generic capacitor stylus/pen?

    I've been looking at several laptops and convertibles that have or support PEN technology like the Lenovo Yoga 14/460, X1 Yoga, Surface Pro/Book, etc. However, I cannot find any specific information regarding the Zenbook Pro UX501VW other than Asus' site saying "Perfect for pin-point precision...
  25. B

    Asus Zenbook UX303UB keyboard backlight picture needed

    I have just bought my zenbook Asus Zenbook UX303UB and I see no keyboard backlight. It is not lightning at all (neither during the booting nor later), except for on/off button and capslock indicators. All hotkeys are functioning, including fn + F3 and fn + F4 (for adjusting the brightness of...
  26. D

    Asus Zenbook UX31A Prime not powering on.

    Problem is fixed! I am still posting it just in case someone needs this info. I got this laptop 2nd hand a few days ago. Asus Zenbook UX31A, i5 3d gen, 13.3 FHD screen. The laptop had a small dent at one of the corners so I disasembled it to attempt repair. Im pretty tech savy, I even had my...
  27. cookiebowz

    Replace monitor for higher resolution (1920x1080 > 3200x1800) ASUS ux303ln

    Hello, i own a ASUS ux303ln with a resolution of 1920x1080 and with a dedicated gpu (optimus). This laptop exist in 3(?) versions. Do you think it's possible to replace the monitor with a QHD+ monitor at 3200X1800 as they are exacly the same except the monitor and gpu? (The QHD+ one has only...
  28. S

    looking a laptop for video editing.

    Hi, i want to purchase a laptop mainly for video editing, Vfx and internet surfing and downloading. I am looking for Asus zenbook ux501. Is it best for me or i should go for ROG series. I need a laptop as soon as possible. Please guide me.
  29. Key-00

    ASUS UX501J Powering up in sleep mode, with the screen closed.

    Hello. I seem to be having an opposite problem from most ASUS users here. Instead of my computer not turning on, my computer loves to turn on all by itself, even when it's closed. I haven't been able to catch the moment when it does this, if it does it after x amount of time, but I have gone...
  30. A

    UX3057 power off led caps & power button Blink Led once white

    Using Asus UX305F . Suddenly blank black screen. It shuts down I had try to press power button on it shows Blink White Led on power button & caps lock. Only once & still did not switch on. I had been using it with power adapter & plugged with extension cord before this suddenly happened...
  31. B

    Zenbook Startup Blank

    I just bought the Core-M ASUS Zenbook UX305FA through Amazon. It arrived today and I was very excited to turn it on and get to work. However, when I turn it on, the screen is almost black, but for a gray hazy border around the screen. I charged the computer for an hour before turning it on...
  32. GMPoisoN

    Asus Zenbook Wi-Fi Not Working After Windows Reset

    I recently wiped my Windows 8.1 Asus Zenbook UX302la, the wifi button is no longer lighting up when I press fn + f2. The whole keyboard function bar wasn't working so I re installed drivers, the rest of the buttons work now (volume buttons) but the WiFi button never lights up. Any ideas?
  33. M

    How can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305?

    Do you guys know how can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305? I tried throttlestop and it didn't work. Any comment will help. Thanks.
  34. T

    [Screen] size counts. But resolution is at least as important.

    Why can't I find a 17" laptop with 4k resolution? I suppose "they" will soon introduce one. But why haven't they done so yet? I'm curious. And by the way, why is Asus' Zenbook 4k resolution, somehow better than the same resolution on other laptops? I read that this morning but didn't understand...
  35. Kashif Malim

    Please recommend one of these 3

    I'm getting a laptop that I'll primarily use for content writing, followed by gaming and design work while traveling out of the city and as an everyday computer as well. I can't decide which one to go for. I really like the Zenbook's profile and FHD screen but I'm not sure which would be best in...
  36. O

    Asus Zenbook Ux301 Charger issue (URGENT)

    My Asus charger only works if I press it in really hard. I have the asus zenbook ux301. The laptop and charger were working fine. The laptop is still working because I've taped the charger. Do I need a new charger? Or is there something wrong with my laptop. Waiting for a quick response, Thanks!
  37. R

    Asus UX32A 24GB SSD slow start and shutdown

    I remain baffled about the SSD in these. I found several posts all over about how the drives and the motherboards of this laptop had problems. Here's my question: For months the laptop (not mine, my wife's, Windows 8) was slow to boot and shutdown. When I finally looked at it, it was 6-10...
  38. S

    UX32VD-DB71 Battery and charger problems

    Hi there. I was really wondering if there was someone that could help me out with this one. Over the last week I have been having some battery issues with my ultrabook. I plug in the A/C charger and the battery charge suspends at 31%. The status of the battery is "plugged in, charged" and never...
  39. D

    Razer Blade (mk2) or Asus Zenbook Prime UX51Vz-DH71

    Budget is not an issue. Portability and gaming performance are of the biggest concern. As of now I am looking between these two.....discuss.