ASUS Zenbook UX305CA freezes/blackscreens on startup


Sep 27, 2013
My new Zenbook (bought "refurbished") isn't working. Whenever I turn it on, it gets to the windows sign-in screen then freezes after I type in a couple characters of my password. Then I have to restart and I get the same issue. Sometimes it does log in, but either instantly freezes again upon logging in, or freezes after a few minutes.
I have tried reinstalling Windows from a USB drive which worked at first but then I had the same issue. I've also tried the Reset my PC option, but the problem still persists. One more thing that I've tried is to boot into safe mode, then uninstall the graphics drivers, as well as updating the graphics drivers to the latest beta version on the Intel website but nothing has worked.
Please help as I'm going away on Monday so I really need it to be fixed by then.