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    Asus Zenbook Ux305LA shuts off

    hi, 2 years back i bought an asus zenbook ux305la for school. since a couple weeks i have had an issue with the laptop. when i don't charge it it will stay on for 1-20 minutes. but then the laptop just shuts down. when i try to turn it on, multiple things can happen: 1 it doesnt boot. the lights...
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    ASUS Zenbook UX305UA CMOS Battery placement?

    Hey! As a part of trying to reset my computer as it suddenly turned off now give no sign of life whatsoever (no light, no nothing) I want to remove the CMOS battery as a last resort of reseting the computer. But the only tutorials I can find in doing to is another type of setup of the ASUS...
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    How to fix an Asus UX305 that has blank screen but it still powering up?

    I just bought my Asus Zenbook UX305 for just a year and now it's starting to have blank screen everytime I try to boot it. The power button is on but the screen stays blank, nothing comes up even the cursor.
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    ASUS Zenbook UX305CA freezes/blackscreens on startup

    My new Zenbook (bought "refurbished") isn't working. Whenever I turn it on, it gets to the windows sign-in screen then freezes after I type in a couple characters of my password. Then I have to restart and I get the same issue. Sometimes it does log in, but either instantly freezes again upon...
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    Asus zenbook UX305 sound not working after speaker unplugged

    Hi I bought a new ASUS zenbok UX305 and sound works fine with speaker plugged in but once removed it doesn't automatically switch back to laptop sound no matter what I do. Only thing that resets it is to plug in headphones and remove. Also the sound is very low on the laptop in general...
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    UX3057 power off led caps & power button Blink Led once white

    Using Asus UX305F . Suddenly blank black screen. It shuts down I had try to press power button on it shows Blink White Led on power button & caps lock. Only once & still did not switch on. I had been using it with power adapter & plugged with extension cord before this suddenly happened...
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    Zenbook Startup Blank

    I just bought the Core-M ASUS Zenbook UX305FA through Amazon. It arrived today and I was very excited to turn it on and get to work. However, when I turn it on, the screen is almost black, but for a gray hazy border around the screen. I charged the computer for an hour before turning it on...
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    How can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305?

    Do you guys know how can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305? I tried throttlestop and it didn't work. Any comment will help. Thanks.
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    Some usb devices won't work on one usb port on my laptop.

    I have the new Asus Zenbook UX305, and have an issue where one of the usb ports won't show most devices. In fact the only device that works with that port is my external hard drive. I have tried using that port in Linux as well, and it has the exact same issue. This is such a strange issue that...