Asus Zenbook wouldn't start after low battery

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Mar 28, 2017
I have an Asus Zenbook UX303L.

Last night when I was away it run on battery. When I came back, it had only 6% of juice left. I hurried to get the power charger but until I came back it powered down. After plugging in the charger I tried to reboot but the laptop wouldn't boot. I left it charging and went to sleep.

This morning I tried to power it up again - no luck. The laptop is dead.

1. The LED on the power button goes on but the hard drive LED doesn't.
2.No fan noise, keyboard (besides power button) is dead, screen is black.
3. Only way to turn the power key LED off is a 10 sec hard reset.
4. When the charger is connected I get a green LED indication.

What did I try:
1. Turning it on and off with and without the power connector.
2. Long holding of the power key for start or shutdown.
3. I measured the battery at 12.24V and 4.5mA. the voltage seems OK but can't understand the amps measurement.
4. Disconnecting the battery from the laptop and restarting while laptop is connected to the charger. In this case the charging indication LED is orange.
5. Starting with the RAM module disconnected. There are still 4GB of RAM soldered to the Mainboard though.

Anyone has an idea what went wrong or an idea how to fix this?

Currently I seem to have a dead charged chunk of aluminum placed on my table and I can't figure out how to bring it to life once again :-(

Thanks for your help!
Not open for further replies.