Asus Zenbook UX31A Prime not powering on.

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May 8, 2012
Problem is fixed!
I am still posting it just in case someone needs this info.

I got this laptop 2nd hand a few days ago.
Asus Zenbook UX31A, i5 3d gen, 13.3 FHD screen.

The laptop had a small dent at one of the corners so I disasembled it to attempt repair.
Im pretty tech savy, I even had my own company related to thesktop hardware in the past,
but not professional and definitely not comfortable with Laptops hardware.

So with this particular latop I didnt do pretty much nothing special.
Just disassembled it and assembled it back.
But now it does not power on!
Here is the place to mention that I did not use gloves and I may have fried the MB with static from my hands. (hopefully not!)
I just bought this laptop so I do not know its history. It was missing screws, so obviously it has been opened in the past, but I did not observe anything visual out of ordinary.
The power jack from the inside was normally soldered. (looks like factory)
The laptop was working when I bought it.

Now the issue is:
Pressing the power button doesnt do anything with battery only or with power adapter only.
It can still charge the battery. The indicator became from red to green just in a couple of hours.
If I unplug power adapter & battery, then I remove the BIOS battery connector and plug it back,
then plug the power back, pressing the Power button actually lights up the keyboard and there is some short melody coming just one time (no beeps).
Then unplug & plug the laptop battery & power, and it is back to nothing working,
no Fan spin, no any leds.

(another thing, before this I had the LCD detached and I attached it to another laptop, UX31E, without detaching the battery to test if the UX31E would work with a full HD LCD, because I was about to buy a screen for that 2nd laptop.
Very bad idea!
The screens were not compatible and I may have caused damage.
Btw, the 1st laptop, UX31A does not work even without the LCD attached and it is supposed to.

Its a huge mess. I really hope somebody could help out with this.
I would also like to narrow down the problem. Is it the MB?

I saw in another post that the power button is attached to the keyboard.
I had the keyboard cable detached and attached during disassembly.
I double checked it but looks OK.

FIXED it! Just before posting.
While writing the post I decided to check for 3d time the keyboard attachment.
This was the problem!
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