Loud Fan Noise (HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC)


Nov 4, 2016
It's almost a couple a year since I am using this laptop. This kind of fan noise is different because it sounds like a "roaring" sound. Last year, this happened but I open and put some air on it to spray out the dusts. So after that, it was fine. Last week after an update of Windows 10 from my settings, the fan noise came back again. Even when I restart my laptop (i always do this before), the roaring sound is still on my laptop. I am afraid that there are broken parts in my fan because there are lots of important files here even though I backed it up and this laptop is really useful for doing projects and presentation and of course, I play a bit of games here which will worsen the fan noise..

I do not know what to do or should I open my laptop again and see if there are any dust that built up on the fan. And also, should I replace the thermal paste?

Thank you for reading and understanding me.


John Chapman

Apr 26, 2015
HP laptops are notorious for overheating. I've had two Pavilions with this problem. The problem is that dust collects inside which blocks the cooling vents. The fan compensates by blowing harder. The problem is much worse if you have a cat. Cat hair gets sucked in and trapped between the fan and the heat exchanger fins. Once there it can't be removed by vacuuming and it doesn't take long for normal dust to block the vents at this cat hair trap. There are two solutions:
1. Dismantle the laptop to clear out the dust. This is a major task and not to be undertaken lightly. You can usually find instructions for your model online. Expect to spend several hours since you'll probably need to remove hard drives, DVD drive, keyboard, screen, wi-fi antenna and others. You'll need a clear working space and preferably an anti-static strap. This method allows you to inspect the fan. It's unlikely to be damaged but they can wear out. They are fairly inexpensive to replace. If your fan makes a clicking noise - replace it.
2. Fish dust and hair out the plug using a home made tool, a lot of patience and a vacuum cleaner. No dismantling necessary. Make the tool from thick nylon monofilament or grass strimming line. It needs to be stiff but thin enough to fit between the cooling fins. Use a very sharp knife to cut the end at an angle to make a point. A little way behind this make a second cut but not all the way through. Twist the knife to make a hook. Push your hook through the outlet vent far enough for it to get into the fan. Then withdraw it to pull out some of the dust plug. Twist it if it gets stuck on the cooling fins. This will take a long time. Periodically apply a vacuum suction hose to the outlet vent.


Jan 20, 2018
HP Design decided to only use two of the fans three screws and let the last on just sit on a pin.
The screw mount opposite the fan opening just sits on a pin and that is what causes all the noise. I inserted a small piece of foam between the fan screw mount and the pin and no more noise.
Dec 3, 2018
In my case (new Pavilion 15BC313NF bought in Sept'18) the fan was always on. I noticed that the CPU speed was always at 3000 MHz although the CPU could be only 2-3% busy. I contacted HP through their chat and they uploaded a new Bios which solved the problem. Afterward the CPU speed was always adjusting and the fan speed was much much lower (not stopped though).
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