Ps3 Buzzing/Static noise from headphones when connected to monitor


Jun 24, 2013
So i have a LG Led monitor that i use with my ps3 (connected with HDMI). The headphones i'm using is Razer Electra, and i know they're not made for consoles but well I did not know that when i was buying them. I guess razer should've have been a little more specific about it.

Anyway,i tried to connect the headphones with my monitor with a 3.5mm jack and i keep getting this weird buzzing sound in my ears whenever i use my controller (basically all the time), when i scroll up and down or press any button on the controller. When im not pressing any buttons the static noise goes away.

I also have a Phillips 5.1 surround sound that i use with the ps3 and i havnt faced any issues with that.

The headphones seem to be just fine when i use them with my laptop or smartphones.

I tried using the grounded loop and it dint fix the issue, I also looked into the settings of my ps3 and im kind of clueless when i have to select the output format in the sound options.

(Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings > HDMI > Manual > Audio Output Format)

I want to use my headphones to play FPS games and i was really excited when i bought a pair of gaming headsets. I regret not doing enough research before buying the headsets but i can't do anything now.

Though im 100% sure that its not my headphones that are giving me the problem.

If anyone has any solution or suggestions, Please Share.


This isn't a common problem but not unusual. It also sometimes happens with mouse movements so it might be a similar problem.
I assume it gets it power from USB, try other USB ports first. If that doesn't work do an internet search on "mouse causing noise/static.

I don't think it is the headsets that are the problem. But it could be the settings are wrong, like too high of gain. What sounds good on speakers, may not sound good on headphones.

Happy listening, the Prisoner...


Jun 24, 2013

thanks for your response, I am trying to use my headphones with a playstation 3, and the razer electras connect with a 3.5mm jack not a usb. I do have a Audio and mic USB adapter, like this :
Which i use only for the microphone and i connect the headset with the monitor through the 3.5mm jack. I did some research and found out that its the correct way to do it.

For some reason the headsets dont get audio when you connect it along with the mic through the audio mic to usb adapter, I dont know why though.. its some issue with the ps3.

I can relate my issue with 'mouse causing static' as you suggested. ive been looking up on it but till now no luck.. gonna keep searching for similar issue.

Thanks again.
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