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  1. D

    Speakers buzzing but I have no Optical port to stop it. Any solutions?

    I have KRK Rokit speakers and on my old PC I was previously using a DAC to stop the static / buzzing. However my new PC doesn't have an optical port so I can no longer do this, are there any other solutions I could try?
  2. I

    Earphones + Charging = Static for caller during calls

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. I am using brand new Vava earphones and an Anker charging cable. When on Skype, the caller hears static crackling from my side that I don't hear. Using Echo test, I found out the following: 1. Earphones only plugged in: No static 2. Charger only plugged in: No...
  3. angelion

    Buzzing Sound ONLY when Increase or Decrease the volume of the speakers

    It's getting rly annoying that whenever i increase or decrease my volume from volume control of the speakers this buzzing sound comes up, as soonn as i stop this sound stops too ,when i plug my headset with 3.5mm to the extension of volume control of the speakers and icrease/decrease volume it's...
  4. cheesus90

    Ps3 Buzzing/Static noise from headphones when connected to monitor

    So i have a LG Led monitor that i use with my ps3 (connected with HDMI). The headphones i'm using is Razer Electra, and i know they're not made for consoles but well I did not know that when i was buying them. I guess razer should've have been a little more specific about it. Anyway,i tried to...