Question Bought 2 Blue Yeti, 2 Macs and still have whine / static noise

Jun 13, 2019
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I bought a Mac Book Air back in 2013. Then I bought a Blue Yeti in 2014 and Camtasia 2 for Mac. Everything worked well for a while.

In 2015, I started hearing some whine /static noise.

I bought another Blue Yeti in 2016 but had the same problem. I then told myself that my Mac was the problem and not my mics.

I continued recording in 2017 but the sound was bad so I stopped and did not make any recording in 2018.

I bought a new Mac Book Pro recently (2019 edition with full options) with Camtasia 2019 and tried to record again. The whine/static is worse than with my previous Mac with any of my 2 Blue Yeti mics! Funny thing is the internal mic of this Mac Book is also making huge whine/static noise.

Here is the sound I hear with output at 100% :

So here is where I am:

  • I changed mics,
  • I changed laptops,
  • I changed software (CAmtasia, Audacity,...),
  • I changed house...
...and I can't manage to get good quality sound. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Are both my mics dead? Or are there not meant to be used with Mac Book? What can I do to have clean sound?

Thanks in advance!
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