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  1. PierreGird

    Solved! Bought 2 Blue Yeti, 2 Macs and still have whine / static noise

    Hello, I bought a Mac Book Air back in 2013. Then I bought a Blue Yeti in 2014 and Camtasia 2 for Mac. Everything worked well for a while. In 2015, I started hearing some whine /static noise. I bought another Blue Yeti in 2016 but had the same problem. I then told myself that my Mac was the...
  2. M

    Which MIC to buy

    at2020 blue yeti at2020+ the thing I'm afraid from is that the yeti pick Up Much background and my grandMa is like elephant sound however i manged to muffle sound and will do it more but it will still be audible. the thing im afraid from the at2020 that the mic don't sound good as blue...
  3. Lekingmoonya

    Are external mics worth it for youtube?

    I had a look at the blue yeti + snowball and I wondered if it was actually worth it buying one. The one I use ATM is the mic on my laptop. Realtek high-definition auto is my current one. Is it worth it? Also, if it is worth it, any recommendations?
  4. J

    Blue Yeti vs MXL 990

    I'm currently using a standard USB Blue Yeti microphone, and I'm contemplating getting an MXL 990 because the Yeti seems to be picking up quite a bit of EMI waves from my computer, and I've tried almost everything to try and fix it. The Yeti has proved to be quite sensitive, as I do a lot of...
  5. J

    Blue Yeti High Pitched Noise

    I'm not sure how to explain it. When recording with my Blue Yeti in any recording program (I primarily use Audition CC), there is this very high pitched and very annoying white noise, it's very obvious in the audio file I'll link below. Although you might have to turn up your volume in order to...
  6. C

    Blue Yeti Help

    Hello, my Blue Yeti Mic seems to work fine when I'm recording or on skype, but when I'm on Team Speak/Mumble, it sounds very bad and the quality has decreased significantly, anybody know why? If you help, thank you very much :D!