Lenovo Y50 70 Problems


Nov 19, 2015
So, I bought this laptop after much consideration for uni and gaming. Let me just start off saying it's amazing, it runs games incredibly well and looks absolutely beautiful. However, when I bought it I noticed it made a little more noise than I expected, the hard drive is always spinning and is relatively loud, but it wasn't that much to worry about. I'm now at uni and was thinking about taking it to the library to do work, but after updating drivers to the latest version, and updating the bios, it's got considerably louder. The fans are always on despite the system being under 40 degrees Celsius, and the hard drive makes a slight grinding sound constantly! Also the battery life seems to have dropped down considerably since I got it, with it initially achieving 4 hours with ease on power saver, and now struggling to achieve 3. Given that I have only had this laptop for less than 3 months, it doesn't seem right.
I want to love this laptop, constantly telling myself that it must be something else that causes the problems, but if it just never seems to live up to expectations aside from gaming (yes, I know it is a gaming laptop).
To add, before all the updates, the fan and hard drive would often become idle and the system would be completely silent, but now it never is...

Is there anything I can do? I will soon be writing essays and will want to be in the library, but if this thing is constantly making noise, I may as well stay at home! At times like these I move to lunacy and think I would be better off having bought a MacBook :O
Thanks for any tips or help, or just give it to me straight and tell me I'm doomed ;)

Lenovo y50 70
I7 4720hq
Gtx 960m 4gb
1tb 5400rpm sshd 8gb ssd cache


Apr 6, 2015
Sometimes, the scratching and grinding sound is from the hard drive writing information on the disk, but if it does get excessively loud, I would recommend to check your fan, and replace your HDD with and SSD drive. Pricy, buy very quiet and fast transfer speeds. There are advanced setting as well in the power options menu I think that brings a lost of modes. You can customize when the HDD stops to hibernate, and many other things including fan kicks. Idk if that will help. I myself am looking at the Lenovo y50 the 15 in version. Is the build quality really good? What is the frame made of and are the hindges sturdy?

If things don't get any better, send it back to lenovo with the warranty statement and I hope they can replace it or fix it for you. I have never worked with lenovo. Toshiba was my first laptop (I am 14) and in less than a year, the HDD had issues and the fan broke causing heat damage. Never buy Toshiba. Only their chrome book xD