Modmic 4.0 noise near computer


Oct 21, 2011

I recently purchased a Modmic 4.0 and noticed something odd. The background noise and static is to be expected, but when listening to my device and when having friends listen on Skype I hear an odd noise likening to the noise speakers make when a cell phone gets a text message. This noise only appears the closer I get to my computer, and gets louder. I tried this on other computers and it's the same issue.

My main computer has a Xonar DG so I don't believe it's EMI, especially since the noise gets louder the closer the actual microphone is to the computer. The noise persists even if the microphone is muted. Another piece of information that may be helpful is I have a 4 year old $30 headset with a microphone and it does not have this noise.

Is this a defect in the microphone itself and I should request a replacement or is there something I can do to help? I have already messed with all settings in the audio driver such as gain, boost, and all other enhancements. I have also tried it in the mobo and it does the same thing.

Thank you.
Sounds like the mic cable is becoming an antenna for something. Try wrapping the cable in aluminum foil (and have the foil connect to ground on your case) and seeing if the noise continues.