Question Onkyo TX-SV424 Audio Control Amplifier Output Issues

May 21, 2020
I have recently tried setting up an old(around 20 yrs old) Onkyo Controller to use with my computer. After some messing around with the system it seems as though only some of the speaker output slots on the back of the controller are working. It has seven total output slots: four front speaker slots(front left A, front left B, front right A front right B), rear right, rear left, and center. As of now I can only get sound when I use the front right A and front left A slots. There are four buttons on the controller that I hope may be relevant to my situation: one cycles through having speakers A or B on(or both), then there are surround mode, center mode, and delay time buttons. I have tried cycling through the options that these buttons change but have had no luck. I'm wishing there is something simple I'm missing here but I think the old system may just be showing its age. Thanks for any input anyone can offer.
Assuming you have 5 speakers
Center mode should be in normal
Surround mode should be Dolby or Hall
Use the test tone to adjust the volume of each speaker with the pink noise as it moves from speaker to speaker. Set the levels so all the speakers play at the same volume from your chair. You can use your ears or a sound level app on your phone. If you have a sub you set that level with movies and music rather than the noise.
If you can't hear the pink noise then there are bad amps in the receiver.
On some content you won't hear a lot from the rear channels.
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