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  1. A

    Question Onkyo TX-8050 not playing music

    Hello, I have a problem with my Onkyo TX-8050 Receiver. I got it from aftermarket and it was just delivered today. It doesn't play music. There is no real output from: pre-out amp-out A and B phones out The only real sound I hear is a humming from the speakers when I play a song from usb or...
  2. AaronChi

    Solved! Onkyo TX-NR609 - DVD player to Zone 2 connection question

    Hello A/V experts, I have an Onkyo TX-NR609 A/V receiver. I can't get my DVD player (Pioneer HTZ-424DVD) to work on zone 2. I am using RCA (Red and white) cables for my connection. (Line out of my receiver and line in over my DVD player.) Just followed this manual...
  3. Phlump

    Question Onkyo TX-SR333 - Losing my mind trying to connect a turntable

    To preface this, my entire system worked fine until I had to reset the receiver. Ever since then I have not been able to get any sound when connecting a turntable and setting the receiver to the appropriate channel. -- I have an Onkyo TX-SR333 receiver connected to an LG CX OLED tv via ARC...
  4. Z

    Question ONKYO TX-NR535 AV receiver wirelessly listen music

    Hi, can you please help I have ONKYO TX-NR535 AV RECEIVER TX-NR535 basic manual I establish connection with local network (to my WiFi router) via WiFi How can I listen stream music or videos like Netflix or YouTube from my laptop wirelessly? thank you!
  5. S

    Solved! Fire stick 4K and Onkyo TX NR626 - No sound

    Hi ... I have my Fire stick 4K connected to one of the HDMI IN ports of the Onkyo TX NR626 and the HDMI out from the receiver is going to a EPSON Projector and speakers connected to the Receiver. I get no sound but I get video. I have tried changing different settings but nothing. Any help will...
  6. R

    Solved! Onkyo TX-SV424 Audio Control Amplifier Output Issues

    I have recently tried setting up an old(around 20 yrs old) Onkyo Controller to use with my computer. After some messing around with the system it seems as though only some of the speaker output slots on the back of the controller are working. It has seven total output slots: four front speaker...
  7. A

    Question Why does my Onkyo TX-8220 Keeps Shutting Off on Phono?

    This amplifier has a protective circuit function, but maybe it is too sensitive? The amplifier clicks one time as soon as it is on phono, then pretty much as soon as the needle is lifted or about to drop, the amplifier clicks again and turns off. It only shuts off like this on phono. First, I...
  8. B

    Solved! Playing Laptop through Onkyo TX-SR444 to a samsung smart TV

    When i plug my laptop into the receiver (Game1) it does not detect the source. Also when connected via HDMI my laptop screen flickers and mouse jumps. How do you successfully mirror PC screen on a TV using the reciever?
  9. S

    Solved! Onkyo TX-RZ710 NOT Upscaling

    Newbie/First post. I have a 4k Vizio M65 connected to a Onkyo TX-RZ710 which I've been very happy with for the last 2 years. So I'm watching TV one night & the screen goes completely black. I try to change channels and nothing, just a black screen. I pick-up the Vizio remote & select the "INFO"...
  10. gediman

    Solved! Splitter HDMI and audio receiver

    Good afternoon, gentlemen. Could you help me? I bought an Onkyo receiver that only has one "output" OUT HDMI ARC, but I need an image to come out for a projector on the ceiling and for the TV without connecting and disconnecting the cables. The idea is to connect the cable TV box, the PC and the...
  11. R

    Solved! Sound disappears from TV/receiver when connecting satellite box to TV

    I have a brand new LG smart TV and a new Onkyo receiver. There is no problem connecting these two together through ARC, and using the magic remote to control the sound etc. But when I connect my GET satellite box to another HDMI output on the TV, it stops working. The receiver doesn't turn on...
  12. B

    Solved! Advice on pairing speakers w/ Onkyo TX-SR508

    I have an Onkyo TX-SR508 amp and am investigating inexpensive bookshelf speakers. I've read good things about the ELAC DB 2.0 B 6.2 pair. They are rated at 6 ohms. The amp's manual says "90 watts/channel @ 8 ohms (FTC). 130 watts/channel @ 6 ohms (IEC). 160 watts/channel @ 6 ohms (JEITA)." Will...
  13. A

    Solved! New Android TV Box Not supported by Onkyo Receiver, But old (1.5-2 years) box is> why?

    Bought a new Android TV Box, and the Onkyo apparently "Does Not Support Device". I bought this one after another Android TV Box, the "T-9" came back with the same message. I have had one TV Box, the "Zoomtak" that worked fine for almost 2 years, unfortunately it was just outdated and no longer...
  14. M

    How do I hook up my element to my onkyo

    I’m trying to hook up my element TV to my receiver and I can’t seem to get the sound out of the receiver for my TV
  15. gijoe50000

    Solved! Can my Onkyo AV receiver play audio only over HDMI?

    I picked up a TX-SR606 receiver for cheap on eBay and it just arrived today. I was trying, for ages, to get sound over HDMI from my pc, but I didn't succeed until I put the receiver in passthrough mode (not sure if that made a difference) and I disconnected my display port from my pc->monitor...
  16. R

    I have samsung hometheater 1330 watts speakers would they work on onkyo 7.2 220watts channel reciver

    You mean yes they will work right
  17. F

    Solved! Sony x850 and Onkyo nr575

    Hi all, I recently picked up an Onkyo NR575 receiver and I'm looking to connect my Sony x850 tv audio to it via optical cable. I use an HD antenna so want to coax coming in to the tv but the audio go through the Onkyo. I have the optical cable connected but don't know why it's not getting the...
  18. D

    Onkyo HDMI issues ever resolved?

    I have an old Onkyo HT-RC160 that has developed the well documented HMDI capacitor issue. It is nearly 10 years old and has served me well. With this HDMI issue being apparently so widespread through their receivers, I was curious if they were ever able to successfully solve the problem in...
  19. M

    Solved! have an ONKYO TX NR646 7.1 i want to use another external amplifier for the FRONT L and R to power up my 2 DS18 PRO10", total

    have an ONKYO TX NR646 7.1 i want to use another external amplifier for the FRONT L and R to power up my 2 DS18 PRO10"/channel(300W each), total of around 700watts (plus the tweeter)/rms /channel.since ONKYO only offers about around 120Watts/channel.any suggestion....i can use the PRE OUTS for...
  20. J

    Solved! Need Audio Working

    I have a Onkyo Audio Video Receiver TX-SV545 and i am trying to get surround sound from a Samsung HDTV Monitor which i am currently using as a TV. How do i get this to work?
  21. D

    Firestick 4K is "sleepy".

    I have an issue with an Amazon Firestick 4K. I connected the stick to an HDMI port on my Onkyo HT-RC160 amplifier. From there the Onkyo is connected to a Vizio E55u-D2 television. This works great "most" of the time. The problem I am encountering is that after having the equipment turned off...
  22. J

    How to connect SONY IF wireless headphones to ONKYO reliever

    Can't find audio out on receiver to attach cables..
  23. J

    Solved! Set up Onkyo Receiver TX-SR605 to new TCL Roku TV

    I have an Onkyo TX-SR605 Receiver with HDMI outputs and inputs. Cannot seem to get the Roku TCL TV to recognize Onkyo Receiver. No sound, no video. How should cables be setup correctly and how should programming for both be completed?
  24. D

    Looking for speakers for a tx-nr676 onkyo receiver

    I just bought an onkyo 7.2 receiver with 210w let channel. I don’t know much about speakers so I’m having a problem finding speakers that will work for this receiver. Most 7.1 speaker bundles are a max input of 130 per channel so I am sitting with a receiver in a box and some confusion for what...
  25. N

    Solved! Adding a subwoofer to Onkyo Tx-nr676

    I recently bought Onkyo TX-NR676 installed 5 ceiling speakers 3 on front Acoustic R191 and 2 rear for surround Pyle PDIC60 so my question is I need to add a subwoofer to my receiver the receiver has 2 RCA On the back 1 says subwoofer and another says subwoofer PRE out. now I have a subwoofer...
  26. J

    Solved! Conecting additional speakers

    Hi, I have a stereo setup where I have an Onkyo Amp and 5 sets of ceiling speakers controlled by a Sima Speaker Selector Switch with Volume Controls for 6-Sets of Speakers. This has worked find for more than 10 years. The problem I am having is that I would like to connect an additional pair...
  27. T

    Solved! Samsung TV and Onkyo Receiver ethernet connection

    I have a Onkyo TX-NR575 audio receiver that has a ethernet connection. My TV and Directv Receiver connect to my network over WiFi. If I connect the Onkyo wired ethernet connection will it share that connection through HDMI to the other components? For example if I am using the smart TV functions...
  28. D

    Solved! no audio out of surround sound

    I have a Onkyo surround sound reciever and a Magnavox TV . I can get sound out of the T V itself but not through the surround sound
  29. J

    How to connect a powered JBL PSW-1000 subwoofer to a onkyo TX-NR585 receiver.

    The Onkyo receiver has a RCA jack dedicated subwoofer connecter but the woofer has direct wires. What is best way to connect?
  30. B

    Solved! Powered Subwoofer Connection to New Receiver

    Lots of questions about these subwoofer connections, but can't find answer to my question. I have a new Onkyo TX-NR676 Receiver that has subwoofer outputs with what appears to be an RCA jack plug. My old subwoofer is a Polk PSW50. It has both speaker wire inputs (left, right, plus and minus)...
  31. P

    Solved! Home - Klipsch Speakers with Onkyo Receiver??

    Alright guys, want to get your input on what you think of this setup: 2 Klipsch R-820-F 1 Klipsch R-34-C 1 Klipsch R-120SW 2 Klipsch RIC-65 2 Klipsch R-51-M Onkyo TX-NR676 The setup will be 5.1.2. My room is 12’ x 22’ and the home theater system will be in half the room since you are sitting so...
  32. F

    Onkyo NR717 Doesn't Show NET Screen on TV

    I hooked up my Onkyo NR717 yesterday and it was working fine...menu showed up and I connected to Pandora and played mucic with no issue. Went to turn it on this morning and hit net and everything was frozen. Couldn't move through the menu or anything. Turned it off and on and not the NET menu...
  33. R

    Solved! Samsung to onkyo HDMI

    Hi, i recently brought samsung 8 series TV, i don't see TV has AUDIO/VIDEO out to connect onkyo receiver, samsung has 4 HDMI inputs, i am trying to see how i can connect samsung tv to onkyo, any idea. Thanks.
  34. L

    Solved! Onkyo 7.2 surround sound shuts off in 2 seconds

    I have a Onkyo receiver amplifier 7.2 surround sound. It stays on for two or three seconds and shuts itself off. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong with it? How can I troubleshoot it? Is it something that a handyman could fix it home? Thank you very much Larry Olson Morlan Georgia
  35. P

    How to connect JVC TV sound through old Onkyo receiver

    Trying to get sound to play through receiver speakers. JVC TV, model LT-40FN97 with the Onkyo receiver, TX-844. The incoming signal is HDMI coming from a ROKU XD2. into the back of the TV. So I have internet hook up through Roku, streaming services and Pandora only. No cable I can't get sound...
  36. S

    Solved! hybrid standby mode

    hiow to get out of hybrid stand by mode? onkyo tx rz 1100
  37. N

    Solved! Onkyo sr707 won't turn on and stay stay on light flashes on standby but comes on for about 3 seconds and then shuts off on

    Onkyo sr705 won't turn on and stay stay on light flashes on standby but comes on for about 3 seconds and then shuts off on
  38. O

    Solved! Getting sound back to the receiver via the TV HDMI ARC?

    I've got a new Samsung TV hooked up to an Onkyo receiver. My HDMI cable is running through the HDMI ARC port on both devices but when I go to Netflix or YouTube on the tv, I don't get any return sound. I tried changing my receiver audio source to TV but still nothing.
  39. J

    Solved! onkyo TX-NR676 and bluetooth headphones

    What Bluetooth transmitter will connect TX-NR674 and Bluetooth headphones
  40. G

    Solved! Marantz Onkyo Airplay

    I have a Marantz SR 7011 set up to drive 7.1.4 channels of wonderful sound with an Onkyo A 9010 powering the left and right front speakers. When I use AirPlay to output to the Marantz it wakes up from standby, but the Onkyo remains silent. Is there any way I can trigger the Onkyo to join the...
  41. W

    Which av to use for my cinema speakers

    Hi I have jamo s606 front speakers and can't decide which av to use, I have two. An onkyo tx-sr608 and a Harman kardon avr 255. The Avr255 has only 50w per channel and the onkyo around 100w. Please help a newbie.:bounce:
  42. T

    Need Help Connecting Right Channel Speaker into Receiver

    I recently bought the Onkyo TX-8270 to pair with my Klipsch R15-PM's. After hooking up the speakers to the receiver, only the left channel plays the audio. I've troubleshooted using different sources and speaker wire,switching the speaker from left to right on the receiver, nothing. The right...
  43. A

    Need help understanding if my home theater is set up correctly (4K/HDR)

    I have recently revamped my home theatre for 4K and HDR. I got a Samsung Q7 (2018) and Onkyo TX-NR575E (which supports 4K/HDR) In my last set up everything was connected to the A/V receiver and this is what I did with the new setup. Everything is working fine with no problem, the only problem is...
  44. O

    Can't set up onkyo tx-nr515

    So I'll try to break this down as easy as possible in the hope that someone can help me fix this. When originally purchased everything was fine, projector plugged in via main hdmi, unfortunately a power surge rendered main hdmi out useless, resorted to using hdmi out 2 which was fine. Fast...
  45. patrickjford

    AV Receiver has option for 4 or 6 ohm speakers. Mine are 8 ohm. Volume seems low

    Hello Experts! Here's my current home theater gear. I'm wondering if the speakers don't match well. I just switched my old AV receiver (Sony STR-V333 ES) for a 4K AV (Onkyo TX-NR575) to compliment a 4K TV. The room is 12x12, hardwood floors & tongue & groove wood ceiling, so not much sound...
  46. C

    Onkyo TX-SR373 not working on Samsung Nu7100

    So here is my problem I just bought a new Samsung Nu7100 65" , Onkyo TX-SR373 and a 24' rocketfish 4kHDR hdmi cable. My receiver is in a built in shelf and my tv is above the fireplace. I connected everything up and made sure I was in the ARC ports and everything was on. I connected up my STB...
  47. T

    My TVs HDMI source is Xfinity ,, I feed it to my sr373 Onkyo receiver,,,TV looks and sound great through the 373. At times,, I

    My TVs HDMI source is Xfinity ,, I feed it to my sr373 Onkyo receiver then to Sony Bravia ,,,TV looks and sounds great through the 373. At times,, I don’t want to turn on the 373, but there is no sound from the TVs speakers. I thought this would be an automatic thing, or that when powered down...
  48. K

    TV to Reciever

    I have a VU TV for which I want to connect to my Onkyo receiver - However, my Onkyo receiver doesn't have HDMI + both the Optical slots are not working in the receiver. How can I still export sound from VU TV to my home theatre? Or should I buy any other device to mediate the connection?
  49. J

    Putting Onkyo TX-SV515PRO into bridged mode

    The manual for this unit does not say anything about supporting bridged mode. Is it safe to assume that I can do so by connecting to only the (Front R +) and (Front L +) or do amps specifically have to be designed to allow it? The front outputs are rated for 80 watts/channel so I would like to...
  50. 1

    My Onkyo won’t power on

    I can’t get my Onkyo HT-R593 to power on. Can someone help
  51. B

    no sound in one of my tvs when connected to Onkyo TX-NR676

    I have a Sony projector connected to Onkyo TX-NR676 via HDMI out (Main). And my 5.1 surround speakers are set up via Onkyo receiver as well and everything is fine. When I connect my Sony KD49X720E TV to the Onkyo receiver via HDMI out (SUB), and switch the receiver to "Main + Sub" I get video...
  52. A

    How many receivers can be linked together to get multiple speakers in different zones. I have an integra DTR 7.2, an onkyo s

    Linking receivers and powering zones
  53. H

    Solved! Sharp Aquos Vizio soundbar and Onkyo reciever

    I have an Onkyo tx-nr757 reciever that I have the Xfinity cable box, ps4, Chromecast, a raspberry pi, and a fire TV all connected to (all using HDMI). That outputs to a Vizio soundbar which then connects to HDMI 1 port on the TV. I know that the soundbar is not ment to do this but the wife...
  54. F

    Got a HT-S3800 5.1 receiver want to use different center channel

    i have a onkyo HT-S3800 thats rated nominal at 6 ohms but i want to get a klipsch center channel for it thats rated at 8 ohms. would my receiver be pushing too much power just for that one channel since the rest of my speakers are at 6 ohms?
  55. B

    connect antenna to Onkyo receiver TX-61

    standard 4 insert back with antenna - FM - AM - 300 ohm input terminals and grd
  56. D

    Solved! Does SKW204 will be good for TX NR575?? Or which subwoofer will be best in this range?

    Does onkyo SKW204 will be good for TX NR575?? Or which subwoofer will be best in this range? Which type of sub woofer preferred for onkyo TXNR575?
  57. R

    Solved! Onkyo receiver vs new LG tv

    I have a 2-3 year old onkyo TX-NR626 and just bought a new LG 70UK6570UAB. I can get surround and no picture or picture with no surround. It works after initial setup, but then the screen starts blinking and going to black and then shuts off and the tv says “no signal”. It’s not the tv or the...
  58. T

    Solved! What do I have in my Onkyo TX sr505

    Is my onkyo AV receiver TX sr505 a special model or something because I can't find a dang online about it everywhere I look I can't find the model yet is steers me in the face every day and it plays beautifully but it's got a bunch of extra options on it and functions that I can't seem to get...
  59. H

    Solved! connecting veon tv to onkyo home theatre system

    How do i connect a veon tv to an onkyo home theatre sound system?