Question Headphones make a high pitch noise only when I plug it into the jack of my main Dell monitor.

Feb 1, 2021
Hey guys I wanted to use my apple earbuds since I don't like using headphones often anymore. When I plug my apple earbuds into my Dell S2716DG (main)it makes a high pitch noise, it doesn't even matter if video is playing like the moment you plug it in it makes the noise. I tried it on my second monitor same brand/model and it didn't have any problems, no ringing at all. I switched HDMI cables and the ringing noise continued and downloaded drivers for it. I even tried different earbuds and still heard the noise so I am postive the problem is not my Apple earbuds. I am out of options and my last resort is switching monitors but I don't want to do that so any suggestions that can possibly fix this high pitch ringing noise? The sound is driving me nuts so I would appreciate any help at all. Please and thank you!
Feb 1, 2021
Why aren't you plugging directly into your PC/laptop instead of the display?
When I plug it directly into my pc jack it makes a static noise, so I really don't know whats wrong. My pc and monitor are probably around 3-4 years old. i7 7700k, 1070.

Edit: continously has a static noise not just when you plug it in
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