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  1. S

    Question Laptop monitor died, external monitor not working.

    I have a HP branded laptop, the model name is unspecified. The laptop specifications are: CPU: AMD Athlon Silver 3050U GPU: Integrated Radeon Vega 8 (I think) RAM: 1x16GB 2666Mhz (Clocked to 2400) DDR4 Storage: -Boot: 128GB M.2 -Other: 1TB 5400RPM Seagate Barracuda OS: Windows 10 Home Other...
  2. Henzon Llarves

    Looking for white gaming monitor for minimal looking build

    Hi guys. Can you suggest a good gaming monitor? preferably white, since I want to make my build minimalistic. I mostly play RPG games. Here's my low-mid gaming rig: Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1650 Super 16 DDR4 RAM 3200Mhz Also, what could be the...
  3. K

    Question Issues with External Monitor on a Laptop

    Previously I have had no issues with using an external monitor alongside my laptop but I had not been using one for a long time. I am using an Alienware 17 from 2015 and have a 165hz Acer Monitor that I just recently bought. I cannot set it to 120hz as it freaks out and starts flickering...
  4. rlnort

    Question HP Z27s Monitor has static horizontal black lines

    Hi, I have a HP Z27s 27" monitor which has permanent static, thin, black horizontal lines across the entire monitor. I have isolated the problem to the monitor itself as even without any laptops connected, the black lines still exist in the native display. I tried to restore to factory settings...
  5. A

    Question Rapid buzzing noise when not playing audio

    -BenQ GW2480 (Monitor) -Logitech Z337 (Speakers) -Amazon Basics Display Port Cable So the issue is that whenever I am not playing any audio on my PC (Connected to monitor with Display port), and the sound on my speakers (Connected to monitor with aux cable) are turned up to a certain point...
  6. geriuu

    Solved! Connect 144hz monitor per docking station to laptop

    So I'm thinking of getting a 144hz monitor for my laptop setup. Unfortunately my laptop does not have a display port input, which i believe is required to fully benefit from the high refresh rates of the monitor. So my question is, can i use the 144hz feature of the monitor, if i connect it to...
  7. keithlovett

    Question My monitor has started making tapping sound

    My old QNIX (second) monitor makes a tapping sound as soon as I connect to power supply regardless of whether or not it's connected to another device. The display disappeared last night and the noise began. The standby light displays only occasionally and Windows refuses to acknowledge her...
  8. G

    Question Monitor with USB-C out to HDMI

    Hello everybody. I recently acquired the PM161Q portable monitor from Acer. Unfortunately I didn't check the connectivity options of the monitor and now I am stuck with a monitor that only has a USB-C port to connect to my laptop that only has VGA and HDMI. Can anybody provide any info on the...
  9. A

    Question Use Nvidia GPU for Games and Intel UHD 630 for Games, separately?

    Sorry, I couldn't find a thread for "Desktops". I was wondering, if there is a way to use these two GPUs separately? My PC currently has a: -RTX 2060 -Intel UHD 630 -Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00 GHz -Windows 10 Home, ver 1903 and -32 GB (31.8GB) usable RAM I noticed that when I only...
  10. R

    Question My G27c2 monitor keeps making Crackling or Popping noises

    I have an MSI G27c2. For some reason, it keeps making crackling or popping noises frequently. It doesn't have a speaker so I'm sure it's the frame or panel. I've bought it 2 weeks ago and I've had this problem since 7 days ago. It makes noise even when I turned it off and removed the power and...
  11. J

    Question Will my computer be able to handle a 1440p monitor?

    I'm not very tech-savvy when it comes to monitors so it is turning out to be quite difficult for me to pick the right monitor for my laptop. I just want to know whether my laptop is cut out for a 1440p display or do I have to settle down with a 1080p. I don't plan on gaming on it, it's mostly...
  12. harhar1230

    Question 120Hz Laptop To Connect To A 144Hz Gaming Monitor

    Hi, newbie to techs here. as the post title suggests, I would like to ask if it is possible to connect my 120hz laptop to a 144hz gaming monitor without having any graphic performance issues. Thanks: My laptop specs are: Model: MSI GL63 8SE-054 CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H 2.20 GHz Memory: 16 GB...
  13. V

    Looking for advice

    So, I've been deciding between two BenQ monitors and I'm still stuck on the two, please try to keep the topic related but if anyone has a direct upgrade that remains in the price range of these two monitors please feel free to share. I also want to say this is my first flight into getting a...
  14. LordElites

    Question 1440p 144hz displayport monitor to hdmi laptop

    How do I utilize the 144hz on my monitor with my laptop that does not have a display port but only an HDMI port? Is there an adapter I can get and if so which one do I get?
  15. J

    Question Is my laptop monitor broken?

    Hey! So I think my monitor, or maybe my video card might be broken on my laptop. It’s an alienware 17 r4, a few years old. It has a GTX 1060, if that’s important. To the problem; when I try to boot it up, the laptop gets stuck on the Alienware logo screen, and the loading dots moving in a circle...
  16. V

    LG 22mp55HQ response time

    hello everyone there is a setting on LG monitor about response time options are Off, low, med, high i have done some googling and got nothing this monitor have 5ms R.T i want to know, if i set it off, i get 5ms or if i chose High? thanka