Question Rapid buzzing noise when not playing audio

Feb 23, 2020
-BenQ GW2480 (Monitor)
-Logitech Z337 (Speakers)
-Amazon Basics Display Port Cable

So the issue is that whenever I am not playing any audio on my PC (Connected to monitor with Display port), and the sound on my speakers (Connected to monitor with aux cable) are turned up to a certain point, there is this rapid buzzing sound. It is not a usual humming sound some speakers may have when turned up, but a loud rapid sound that goes for 2 seconds, pauses for 1 second, and repeats. Please feel free to ask questions I just really would like to get this figured out as it is quite annoying.
Feb 23, 2020
connect the speakers to your PC, select the speakers in windows to be the default audio playback device
I could do that but I also have an xbox plugged into the monitor and I sometimes like hearing it over the speakers. I also have my headset plugged into the pc so there are no available ports.
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