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  1. A

    Question Rapid buzzing noise when not playing audio

    -BenQ GW2480 (Monitor) -Logitech Z337 (Speakers) -Amazon Basics Display Port Cable So the issue is that whenever I am not playing any audio on my PC (Connected to monitor with Display port), and the sound on my speakers (Connected to monitor with aux cable) are turned up to a certain point...
  2. LordElites

    Question 1440p 144hz displayport monitor to hdmi laptop

    How do I utilize the 144hz on my monitor with my laptop that does not have a display port but only an HDMI port? Is there an adapter I can get and if so which one do I get?
  3. D

    Display Port converted to HDMI

    I am trying to use my TV as a monitor and sure my TV speakers because the speakers on my laptop are garbage. I bought a display (which to my knowledge carries audio) to HDMI adapter. My laptop recognizes that the TV speakers are there and I set them to my default priority speakers, I have tried...