Solved! Issues with External Monitor on a Laptop

Aug 7, 2020
Previously I have had no issues with using an external monitor alongside my laptop but I had not been using one for a long time.

I am using an Alienware 17 from 2015 and have a 165hz Acer Monitor that I just recently bought. I cannot set it to 120hz as it freaks out and starts flickering however my laptop screen still stays normal, and when I close the lid the external monitor will just not receive a signal.

I have tried setting it to only display on my external monitor and it just flickers slowly before reverting back to the regular setting.
I have made it so closing the lid does nothing to the monitor yet it still loses signal.
In regards to the refresh rate I am only able to have it run at 75hz.
HDMI won´t work,, only 30Hz or maybe 60Hz supported (stable).
You will need a mini diplay port to display port cable to get the refresh rate you want