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  1. K

    Solved! Issues with External Monitor on a Laptop

    Previously I have had no issues with using an external monitor alongside my laptop but I had not been using one for a long time. I am using an Alienware 17 from 2015 and have a 165hz Acer Monitor that I just recently bought. I cannot set it to 120hz as it freaks out and starts flickering...
  2. RegisZDB

    Solved! How can I fix my alienware 17r3s overheating/charger problems?

    My laptop has 3 problems that might be linked but all of them need to be resolved. Problem 1/2 the laptop overheats when playing high performance games, and playing a high performance game causes my laptop to stop charging. Whenever I try to play games on PC that are high performance like...
  3. A

    Alienware 17 2013 sudden shutdown during gaming

    It shutdown after 10-20 mins of gaming Alienware 17(2013 model) Specs Intel Core i7-4800MQ @ 2.70Ghz 16GB of ram 64bit windows 8.1, x64 based processor Nvidia GTX 770M The problem im facing is that it shuts down by itself after 10-20 mins of gaming. Sorry for my lack of knowledge in...
  4. L

    All components on Alienware 17 benchmarking very low

    I've avoided doing anything too intense on my computer for months now because it has been painfully slow. I've tried everything I know to try at this point and nothing helps. All drivers up to date, and I've clean installed numerous graphics...