Question Laptop freeze when connected to monitor

Jan 22, 2022
I have a problem with my laptop freezing when the monitor is connected. When it freezes for example if I watch something on youtube audio in my headphones still works but it has some robotic voice. Keyboard is not working. Only way to get my laptop back is by restarting it. It only happens when I have connected monitor. First, it was like monitor was flickering after some time happend this problem. When I connect monitor with my phone it works normally. What can cause the problem and what can I do to fix it?

Laptop is ASUS X510UN-EJ425T:
MX 150
256GB M.2
Jan 22, 2022
When connected to the monitor, are you also still using your internal display? What resolution is your monitor?
Yes, I using internal display. I tried to set only monitor, but after some time he still freeze.
Internal display and monitor are both 1920x1080. Monitor is 75hz, but it does not matter because he still freeze.

And sometimes laptop does not load or does not recognize the monitor.
Jan 22, 2022
Have you tried the VGA port? Also, are you using a mini HDMI adapter with a standard HDMI cable?
My laptop does not have VGA. He only have HDMI and USB-C, but USB-C doesn't support video output.
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