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    Is my computer broken?

    My laptop has been freezing. If I do a factory restore and it continues freezing, does this prove there is a hardware problem? there are no viruses, thanks for your help
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    Acer Aspire 515-51-563w continues to freeze

    My laptop continues to freeze and so far the only answer from my last post was a generic "here do this" that doesn't work in any way. I have already restored then did a reset when it wasn't resolved. Everything is completely updated so don't mention that. It always freezes after the screen turns...
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    SATELLITE P25W-C2300-4K: Touchpad "sticks", freezes, refuses to respond

    While I'm just trying to scroll or move my pointer using the trackpad, my cursor will freeze, disappear, or do some operating it wasn't suppossed to "right-click, zoom, etc) It's not being disabled at all, because when it freezes, The pad is still recognized as operational and not disabled...
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    R7 m260 major lagg and freezes in games

    Hello everyone, So I bought this Toshiba Laptop equipped with a i7-5500U and 8GB ram and a R7 m260 2GB GDDR3 and on Windows 10. Now after a few months using the laptop mainly for using Adobe Illustrator and Indesign I wanted to play some low performance games just to kill time sometime. So I...
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    Computer crashes/freezes at Windows logo (startup)

    (TL;DR: I have recently been facing random freezes on my computer. It is not OS related as it may freeze before POST or BIOS. I concluded that problem was either overheating or PSU (previously tested RAM with memtest86 and WMD). Installed SpeedFan but it did not help so I uninstalled. After...
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    Laptop screen freezes constantly / screensaver doesn't run

    Hallo, I have a Toshiba Laptop, I use Windows-7 32 bit, 2G Ram, Intel Pentium Dual T2310 1.46Ghz Two weeks ago I updated my Windows 7 with Windows Update. I updated numerous software, about 500mb. Ever since those updates, my screen freezes constantly, and my screen saver doesn't run. If I...
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    Laptop Startup issues

    My laptop ( HP, windows8.1 pro 64 bit) starts up but i can't open any programs, when i try to open task manager it freezes & i can't turn it off normaly
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    Weird laptop : Stuttering sound, high FPS, 2-5 second freezes upon file loadings.

    I've got this laptop over a year a go and I've never really used it. But now that my PC has literally died I've been forced to use it for every day stuff. I'm not much of a gamer, I'm playing league of legends from time to time, osu! and some games on steam. So I've noticed this really weird...