Question USB Headset Sound in One Ear Fix?

Oct 25, 2021
Hi there all :)

Recently my Corsair HS60 Haptic headset has started only playing sound in the left ear. The haptic bass still works in the right ear and there is a veeeeeery faint sound from it, but barely anything. I looked in the sound settings and the sound is balanced, so it should be fine, but it's not.

Was wondering if anyone knew of any way to repair this? As the headset was quite expensive a solution would be amazing to find

Many many thanks in advance,
Miss Pepular x


Have you tried this on different systems and same thing? If that's the case there is a wiring issue, to repair it you would need to take it apart and look at the wiring, trace the issue and solder the wire. If you can't do that, it's not likely paying someone would be worth it vs replacing it.
First step though, did you already contact Corsair support for warranty?