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  1. Moonpig13

    Question Can you listen to tv and computer at same time through a headset?

    Im looking to find out if im able to listen to my tv while im also able to listen to my computer though my headphones at the same time, so i can listen to my tv while im playing games, since i cant listen to my tv through its speakers well unless the volume is up but i dont live alone so that...
  2. Exi

    Question Why is my Computer making a clicking sound every1-2 seconds? What can I do to fix this issue, and pinpoint the cause?

    It's a computer, could not find PC help Bump me to said thread if need be. Important information when Answering this question. It happens consistently without fail. If I play a video game that is somewhat demanding. My Pc will start clicking sooner than if it Idles for an hour. This has been...
  3. simptive

    Solved! USB Speakers working on PC but not on Charger

    I've bought Bluetooth speakers having 3.5mm jack. Recommend power supply is USB. Works with jack only if both Jack and USB connected to PC. If USB is connected to adapter (tried many), one of the stereo channel is replaced by noise. However Bluetooth input works fine in this case. Can you spot...
  4. CarlsoNegro

    Solved! 1 USB Headset 2 Laptops

    I work remotely with a laptop provided by my company with a USB headset. (laptop 1) I would like to test an AI program that is responsive to key words from both myself and my callers using my other laptop. (laptop 2) I’d like to test this before making it a suggestion to Corp. Is It possible...
  5. E

    Question Laptop won't power on

    Hello I have a laptop MARK: HP Model ; 15-f1233wm It stayed one month without powering on, now when I power it on, nothing shows on the screen. the light that indicates the power supply light on white for 2 secs and goes off and the light that indicate the hard drive light up red for 2 secs...
  6. A

    Solved! Onboard audio interference

    Hi, I have some problems with onboard audio, some time ago i switched to a new PC case, that has malfunctioning front 3.5mm headphones jack (only right channel plays), I tried to use MIC In jack, and retask to Headphone/Front Speaker out, but somehow it still doesnt sound like real Headphones...
  7. M

    Solved! Get rid of noise in cell phone headphones

    So basically when I plug this headphones in my smart phone it's completely okay, they are pretty good. But when I plug into pc they produce noise and my head goes crazy. I tried many things like check box listening to mic and stuff but still noise. I think the problem is that the headphones are...
  8. sidshan

    Solved! Hard Disk is crashed? or what?

    I am using a core2duo intel processor, with windows 10, but my PC gets hang when I try to do some small multitasking. Then, one of my friend suggested me to install the windows 7 to avoid the hang issue. The next day I was installing the windows 7 on my PC, but the windows installation process...
  9. DanaMooreUzimaki

    Question Right/Left Click Damaged TouchPad

    I spilled juice on my laptop and everything works fine except for my toucchpad. I can control it but i cant right click or left click. I sucked out all the liquid and disabled it and unplugged my laptop. Should i get it checked out or will it eventually start working again?
  10. D

    HDMI Input on Cyberpower PC

    So i have a new PC that has a HDMI input i think. What would i use this for? And would i be able to use this to connect my nintendo switch or my ps4 to?
  11. O

    Solved! Why does my laptop automatically use intel graphics for the hdmi port?

    Hey, I recently bought the MSI GF75 9SD-056 and everything has been working fine so far. The only problem i have is when i connect my laptop to my 4k Samsung tv. In games my laptop seems to be choosing the dedicated gpu (gtx 1660ti) but on desktop and when watching movies it seems to be using...
  12. A

    Will my Windows10 Backup work under these conditions?

    I recently decided to upgrade my storage space on my PC, but I’m worried with how things are setup that my system image will not work. I’d like some advice on two combinations. My previous setup is one 120gb m.2 ssd as an OS drive, and two 1TB SSDs in Raid Zero format. I’m replacing it with two...
  13. Akshathere2022

    Solved! Hdmi to vga converter error

    I have a monitor that only has a hdmi port but my graphic card supports vga so i bought a hdmi to vga converter but when I connected it, only sound is produced but no display. Only black screen. Plz help whay should i do??
  14. G

    Solved! Pink horizontal lines across my screen when i turn it on what is wrong

    My computer was fine yesterday, I turned it on today and it comes on with pink lines across my screen? I dunno what happened or what to do
  15. D

    Smell of burning only when turning on the PC.

    I cannot find the source. It only happens for a short period of time after the PC has been off for a while. I have a cat in the house could it be it burning dust/the hair of the cat? The PC performance has not been affected Any idea what it could be?
  16. C

    Question Audio & Other Problems

    Ok. I've recently been getting a host of problems, I'll list my computer, then the problems in order. Computer: Windows 10; GTX 1070; Asus Z170 Pro-gaming Aura; Corsair Vengeance LPX Ram; Samsung 850 500GB SSD. Problems: Games started randomly crashing and giving blue screens. A couple of the...
  17. E

    No signed device drivers were found win 7 pro 64x

    Here are my specs Trying to install win 7 via a USB. I changed 3 different usbs to bootable usbs using rufus, the MSI smart tool, and the windows tools. Been having this problem for awhile now, I've searched around trying to find the reason why this happens...
  18. G

    Hp compac nc6000 power button will not stay on

    Hello, When pushing the power button to turn on the computer, it starts up and turns off after about 12 or 14 seconds.
  19. T

    Laptop screen wont turn on, but works when connected to an external monitor

    My momitor will no long come on. My computer (Dell Inspiron E1505) still functions with an external monitor. Can the monitor on the laptop be remover and the computer still function.
  20. C

    Is my temp okay

    my computer seems to spike to 46c when doing basic stuff and watching basic videos youtube etc and 55 when watching other videos and when i play flash games it goes into the 50s when not using it it goes into 28-38 my computer is a hp g62-225dx are these temperatures okay i had my laptop...
  21. J

    Computer cannot detect camera or scanner

    Hello, Iam trying to download pictures from my samsung galaxy s2 lte to my computer. My phone says usb storage in use but the computer says computer cannot detect camera or scanner. I have downloaded pics befor on the same computer but have been having problems lately. Help. Thank you. Jason.
  22. J

    What should you do when your sd card in your camera says card error

    Hello, I have a GE camera and i just got done uploading my pictures on to my computer and i saftley ejected the SD card and i put it in my camera and it says "card error" what should i do? PLEASE HELP!
  23. L

    Need Help, Acer Timeline, 640m

    Hello i was thinking of buying an acer aspire timeline Link: I want a cheap budget computer for around 400£. Im going to watch movies, Play some games, and maybe some programming. I guess...
  24. T

    Need advice on laptop crack

    I have a MSI CR700 and where my screen plastic is cracked. Due to this my computer glitches in and out and eventually turns black. You have to hold the hinge on the screen tight to make it come back in. What can I do to fix it?
  25. S

    How to correction windows cannot repair this computer automatically

    windows cannot repair this automatically how to correction that one plz help me ferinds
  26. V

    Digital to analogue sound

    I have connected computer via optical cable to Onkyo TX NR 5007 , but can not sound to zone 2.
  27. MapedMod

    HDD locked and cannot be initialized (correct password known..)

    Few months ago my 8 years old Qosmio G40-129 has died.. Today i bought a new computer: The problem is that i did not found the way to unlock FUJITSU HDD with master password in BIOS. It was locked on previous PC. I know the password but I cannot find any way to unlock it with any password type...
  28. T

    Upgraded my M1730 XPS

    I own an old M1730 XPS dell with windows vista(i do not mind that it is a vista, so don't tell me to upgrade to win7). I am a college student and i do fool around and play video games one the computer. These days with all the new 2012-2013 games i can hardly run then on the lowest settings and...
  29. K

    Help ! Cant Update Bios on Toshiba NB 520

    Computer cannot shut down successfully.Where can reset Bios number?Thank.
  30. S

    Dell startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically

    message saying startup repair cannot repair computer automatically on Dell N5050 :cry:
  31. M


    I forgot the bios password for my Dell Latitude D430. The computer system #B31QN3J-595B. can you help me with a master password to unlock it?
  32. J

    HD Cable and PC hooked up to projector. Audio Questions.

    Hello, this is my first post. Thank you in advance. I have a InFocus IN116 projector for my aspiring home theater. It is hooked by VGA from my computer (I can play all my movies,tv shows,and video files; PC games; netflix it works out really well for me and I enjoy the user interface of a...
  33. C

    Will a dead battery in a laptop make the screen stop working

    my screen on my laptop has been going black, you can bearly see the information on the screen now. Nothing has changed on the computer, except the battery will no longer hold a charge. Is this something that can be fixed, it is not the setting on the computer.
  34. M

    Www kodak com/go/camerasw

    I cannot get my camera to download to computer
  35. C

    Samsung TV' with DVI to HDMI converter

    Hi, I'm looking to buy either Samsung 40EH6030 or 40EH5300 and paired it with my computer. Now my computer only have D-sub & DVI video port, are those TVs compatible with DVI to HDMI converter cable or do I have to buy a graphic card with HDMI port? thanks in advance.
  36. F

    My computer

    my computer says o bootable evice-- iset a boot disk but i dt hve a bbot disk
  37. L

    Should my monitor work when connected to my computer\'s HDMI PORT

    Should my monitor work properly when connected to my laptop using the HDMI interface?
  38. L

    Asus Laptop U47A

    Hello, I'm not computer savvy at all. My laptop screen does not turn on ...I can only get the backlit keyboard to turn on. What could be the problem?
  39. D

    Pc to tv via dvi-hdmi adapter

    the adapter seems to be working fine. On hdmi2 the computer comes right up. The problem is the TV has sound but the hdmi2 channel does not. The computer is kinda old but the tv is a year old Vizio. Any idea's why I don't have sound?
  40. D

    PC/dvi-to-hdmi adapter/no sound

    Hello, I have connected my PC to my flat TV with an dvi-hdmi adapter and the picture quality + computer is great but I have no sound. I thot the hdmi connection would be sound also, but I have no sound. Any ideas?
  41. D

    PC/dvi-to-hdmi adapter/no sound

    Hello, I have connected my PC to my flat TV with an dvi-hdmi adapter and the picture quality + computer is great but I have no sound. I thot the hdmi connection would be sound also, but I have no sound. Any ideas?
  42. N

    I can view pictures on my sd card on the camera but not on the computer what cou

    I can view pictures on camera but when I am inserting it in PC through card reader it is showing blank.
  43. G

    HP G50 Screen Tearing.

    I've had my laptop for almost 7 years now. It's a hand-me-down that my mom used when her computer croaked. About a year ago I noticed that whenever the screen is moved, or even the computer itself, the screen tears, almost like tv static. I've read multiple forums and most say it is an internal...
  44. B

    Can I access apps without data plan?

    i would like to know if i can download apps off of goggle play on the computer without an data package? :o
  45. L

    Hdmi not working on computer

    Hello, I have a amsung lcd tv nd i'm trying to connect it to to my Advent pc,i have tried using a HDMI cable bt my tv can't detect the devce so i tried using a Vga cable same problem ... someone please help befor i throw my pc screen at the tv :-)
  46. T

    How to plug in laptop / notebook

    How should I plug in and unplug my laptop / notebook computer while the power is on? Is it ok to first plug in to the wall socket, and then to the computer? Or the other way...plug into computer, then plug into the wall socket?
  47. R

    I just purchased a Kodak 8X easyshare digital camera and I need the computer/cam

    First, I now relalized I purchased a Kodak easyshare 8X digital camera for twice the amount I could have bought at Wal-Mart-my mistake. Right now I need the software to share my photos--upload to my computer and to share on the camera itself. Kodak says it no longer has the software?
  48. A

    Someone offered me an Alienware M15X for $675

    Its used. Should I take up the offer?? I wasnt thinking about buying a computer for another year, but i dont think offers like this come up very often.
  49. S

    Downloading photos

    Hello, How can I download photos from my old Sprint cellphone to my computer.
  50. the mexicano

    new here just one question

    ok so this is my first post and i was wondering what a good casual gaming computer,(desktop or laptop idontcare),for 250 dollars or less
  51. J

    When i try to upload photos to my computer it says no new pictures or videos fou

    i am trying to upload some new pictures from my camera to my computer. But whenever i try to put the memory card in to the computer it says " no new pictures or videos were founf on this device" I also tryed to upload the pictures from my camera to the computer using the usb cabel but it still...
  52. A

    How do i enable bluetooth on my windows 7 dell

    how do i turn my blue tooth on from my computer?
  53. P

    Why is my camera memory card telling me there are no photos

    My camera says there are no files on card but when i put in computer it shows the pictures that were on from before, what's wrong?
  54. M

    install an e mail programe

    Hello, please can you help me install an e,mail programe. I am not very good at the computer. I want to move a photograph from my cotacts to my photos. Thank you from maria
  55. F

    External hard drive

    Hello, my external 1tb hard drive is not showing up on my computer and when it does it takes at least 40 mins to find it. now after plugging it in the comp is not finding it and is now making a strange beep every few seconds, is there a way to transfer my files onto a new hard drive?
  56. T

    My computer freezes after startup

    Hello, when I start my computer up, its starts up fine. it then goes to my desktop screen but it freezes there and I cant do anything. No programs will open and I cant even click on the start menu. Its a dell inspiron 1501
  57. F

    Need a computer for my new Dancin Dogg golf simulator

    can you provide recomendation for a computer that will work with the Dancin dogg old dell inspiron does not.
  58. F

    Best laptop computer for dancin dogg optishot simulator?

    I am trying to get a laptop for a dancin dogg simulator that I received for christmas.
  59. G

    My computer won't charge or turn on

    Hello, I am very confused. My compaq laptop won't charge or turn on at all. I don't know whether it is the charger or not, but it won't turn on. I am quite worried, as this was an expensive laptop. The warranty has also expired, so the company won't help me. It did finally turn on a few months...
  60. A

    Which of these 3 Computers is Best?

    This one: This one: Or this one...