Which of these 3 Computers is Best?


Oct 24, 2009
You don't do high end gaming, right? Then I recommend the first choice, the processor is i5 3rd generation (ivy bridge) and has moderate VGA:

Samsung NP550P5C-S03CA Notebook PC - 3rd Gen. Intel Core i5-3210M 2.50GHz, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M, 15.6" Display, Windows 8 64-bit.

The 2nd choice has a bit better VGA and has bigger display than the 1st choice , but the CPU is still i3 2nd generation (sandy bridge).

The 3rd choice doesn't has dedicated VGA despite the CPU is core i5 2nd gen and has cheaper price due to Refurbished probably. The display is too small for photo/video editing IMO.

Btw, your links can't be opened in my browser, I have to use web proxy to open them. Maybe because I'm not canadian :p

Oh, you are also asking this one in another thread:

The processor is same with your 1st choice, but this one doesn't has dedicated VGA, thus more cheaper. If you don't have a plan to do a lot of medium range gaming with the notebook, then you can pick this one, else pick the 1st choice above (samsung).


Apr 11, 2012
I would say hands down the first one is the best bang for the buck More ram bigger hdd better CPU. I also think the graffix card is better then the other two and if not better then the second one its just as good. The last one does not even compare in my eyes the specs are way below for the price.