Best laptop computer for dancin dogg optishot simulator?


The requirements are pretty basic. I assume you'd use the HDMI output and hook up to an HDTV.

It's difficult to recommend an exact model without a budget. Likely any laptop would work, though the GRAPHICS component will vary. My advice would be HD7000 or GTX600 series graphics, depending on your budget.

General laptop specs:
1. Company (Asus, HP or Lenovo) and NOT Acer or Toshiba

2. Screen size?
- 15.6" (mobility)
- 17" (not as mobile but nicer screen)
*15.6" screen hooked to a DESKTOP MONITOR is another option
(When hooked up via HDMI the HDTV will be a separate monitor. The IDEAL method is to switch to the HDTV as the ONLY MONITOR rather than having the laptop and desktop screens both. Simply switch to the HDTV screen once attached. You will use the NVidia or AMD Control Panel and the HDTV section and probably 1080p_NTSC@60 or similar. That means 1920x1080 at 60Hz using NTSC standard.)

3. RAM?
4GB is optimal
(less can slow things down, but more won't really benefit)

4. GPU?
HD7000M or GTX600M series recommended

5. Windows 7 or 8?
- Windows 8 64-bit
*for now get the Stardock Start8 application to bring back the Start Menu
(Windows 8 interface is the future and by getting Windows 7 you may find certain limitations in the future. Not a huge deal, but I got Windows 8 and Start8 and it works great that way. Currently few applications use the new Start Screen but more will in the future.)

5. Other:
HDMI cable, v1.4c
(don't pay too much. 6foot for $10 or so at Monoprice or NCIX etc. or SWAP with existing HDMI input for BluRay/DVD player)

#1 - Install your DOGG software, and hookup the device via USB then test on your laptop screen then EXIT the program.

#2 - hook up HDMI cable to HDTV, enter the NVidia or AMD control Panel and set your HDTV as the ONLY screen at 1080p_60 and tweak etc if needed so it fits properly

#3 - change the AUDIO output to HDMI (right-click the lower-right audio icon in your Windows Desktop Tray-> Playback Devices-> choose the HDMI option and set to DEFAULT), then TEST it so audio comes out your HDTV).
*You will need to TOGGLE this back and forth to get either HDMI sound or sound from your laptop speakers. It's one or the other, not both.


- choose screen size first
- HD7000M or HD600M graphics recommended (not Intel HD3000 only)
- budget?
- setup instructions above
- Windows 8 recommended (plus Start8)
- Asus/HP/Lenovo recommended
*Shop around, read customer reviews and double-check the specifications ESPECIALLY the GPU.