Question economical way to send music to separate passive ceiling speakers 6 zones optional 4 zones

Dec 29, 2023
I have existing passive ceiling speakers wired to a central closet location in my home office, lots of room and power. Zone 1 has 4 speakers basement tv room, zone 2 is kitchen/dinning room has 4 speakers, zone 3 is master bathroom has 2 speakers and zone 4 is guest bathroom has 2 speakers. Right now i would need to control 6 zones i assume but in basement for example which has 4 speakers I would be okay with tying together 2 sets so it would be one zone same Zone 2 this would then be 4 zones to control. I want to be able to stream using phone music to each zone independently just not sure how. Have been looking online for a cheap alternative rather than buying 5 sonos amps etc. I came across what I think is a solution but want to know if anyone has done this or will work. Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 channel amplifier Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier : Electronics

which has a trigger switch port on it then buy a cheap Google Chromecast Audio Media Streamer (you can still find on eBay etc. for under $ 25) plug it into the amplifier trigger switch then download app.

Will it work? let me know or is there a better alternative.