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    Android phone wired Xbox 360 Controller can't connect

    My wired xbox 360 controller and usb-c otg cable can't connect with my huawei P20 pro. All 4 lights are periodically flashing but no input is registered on the phone. How can this be resolved thanks
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    Connect xbox 360 to sony wega tv

    There is no hdmi port on tv so id like to use the rca cord
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    Xbox 360 controller doesn't work on Android

    Hello, i'm trying to connect a non oficial Xbox 360 controller to my Android device via OTG but it doesn't want to work, I tried it with another phone and it worked fine. Any solution? Device: Doogee S60. Android versión 7.0 (I connected a mouse and it worked fine)
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    Toshiba Regza 42zv650u Game Mode?

    Wondering if anyone here knows if the TV mentioned in the title has a "Game Mode". It's something that helps greatly reduce input lag while playing games on consoles. I have been unable to locate it in the TV's menu system but hoping maybe someone here might know. Also anyone know if there...
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    Solved! My sanyo flat screen is n no color what so ever in my tv

    My sanyo flat screen is now hooked up to an Xbox 360 only but I have no color what so ever in it... Why? And how do I change it back??
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    Is there anyway i can plug an HDMI into my xbox into my hp chromebook and record what i'm playing on my xbox with my chromeboo

    I'm trying to record what i play on my xbox 360 with my hp chromebook but i don't know how
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    Can I use my xbox360 to turn on laptop

    Can I use Xbox 360 or Xbox one to turn on my laptop
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    Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On Xbox 360

    The Xbox 360 console is one of the few devices that needs the user to address network settings for Error  TVQ-ST-103. It isn’t the only fix, but adjusting DNS settings is the best bet you have to get Netflix working again. Both fixes work on all models of the 360 console, even modified versions...
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    Netflix Error UI-122: Fix On Xbox 360

    On the Xbox 360, there are two ways to combat Error UI-122. They differ slightly from the Xbox One version, although the error has the same effect on the system. After fixing this error, users are advised to update to the latest version of Netflix if they’re on an older app. Restart The Xbox...
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    Netflix Error UI-113: Fix On Xbox 360

    When Error UI-113 pops up on Netflix while using it on the Xbox 360, users can rely on the following two fixes to get it working again. Technical knowledge isn’t required, and all of the steps requiring navigation can be handled through the Kinect. Restart The Console Restarting is quick...
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    Netflix Error NW-4-7: Fix On Xbox 360

    There are two fixes for the Xbox 360 for this error. Error NW-4-7 can be fixed on all version of the 360 console, even the slim. For modded systems, use the Home Network Fix for the best result. Adjust The DNS Settings Incorrect DNS settings run rampant on multiple systems. Correcting...
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    Netflix Error AIP-701: Fix On Xbox 360

    Either of the two fixes below will take care of Error AIP-701 on Xbox 360 consoles. They also work on modified Xbox 360’s being used primarily as media hubs. Check The DNS Settings DNS settings should always be set to automatic so that they following the current ISP’s ruleset. Any changes...
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    Netflix Error UI-800-3: Fix On Xbox 360

    On the Xbox 360, this Netflix error can be removed by using any of the following troubleshooting tips. Both are quick and don’t require a lot of technical knowledge to complete. Check The DNS Settings Incorrect DNS settings will mess with Netflix and any other app that needs to access the...
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    connecting nextbook 10 to vizio tv also has xbox360 connected to tv

    I want to connect my nextbook 10 to my vizio tv or Xbox can I connect both devices to tv
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    Please help me find this Xbox 360 game!

    There was a game for the xbox 360 but I can’t remember the name,In the beginning these guys would throw you into a pile of rotting corpses much like a dump, and you would have to find weapons,gear,and armor and well.. that’s all I remember
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    Netflix Error NW-2-5: Fix On Xbox 360

    The Xbox 360 is the last (7th Generation) of Microsoft’s gaming console. The Netflix app is quick and efficient when it is error free. Current users that end up with error NW-2-5 don’t have to panic, as the fixes below will resolve the situation quickly. Check The DNS Settings Bad DNS...
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    Solved! How to Watch TV using xbox360

    Cant use the coax can I use our xbox 360
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    No hdd hp laptop usable as a screen for an XBox 360?

    I have an HP envy 17 3D without any working hard drives but the screen works fine along with all the inside components, would there be a way for me to use the screen as a sort of TV for my xbox 360 via hdmi?
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    is it possible to connect my xbox 360 slim to my lenovo ideapad 110s' wifi hostspot?

    i have a lenovo ideapad 110s and it has the option to set up a mobile hotspot ive tried connecting my xbox 360 slim to the hotspot but it keeps saying it cant connect what am i doing wrong?
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    How To Use A MacBook Pro As A Monitor For Xbox 360 Via HDMI

    A lot of people have wondered if it was possible to use MacBook Pro as a monitor for Xbox 360 using the HDMI. If you are in this category, the answer is a simple yes. Setting up your MacBook pro monitor as a monitor for your Xbox can be done in the few steps listed below. 1. Purchase Elgato...
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    Hdmi to rca cable. No hd tv and no av cables for xbox

    Howzit. Can anybody help me. I dont have an HD tv and i dont have my av cables for my xbox 360, so i tried HDMI to rca cables. I put the HDMI port inside my xbox and rca port inside my tv but it isnt working. What can i do or am i doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
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    Solved! Laptop Power Issue

    So basically im a little skeptical posting on this site because every time I do no one answers me but here goes nothing i just bought a HP pavillion laptop and I was playing GTAV on it while it was plugged in. Basically i got a notification on it saying my battery was almost dead which didnt...
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    Does having a non hdmi tv effect parties on xbox 360?

    I have a non hdmi tv and when I play my xbox 360, I can't join game sessions in parties. I also can't join parties, but my network Is fine. If I get a hdmi tv, will this solve the problem?
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    How to get audio from TV to hi-fi music system while using the Xbox 360 E model?

    I did some digging but before I execute I like to know if it's even going to work So I connect my Xbox 360 E with HDMI to my TV. And I want the audio of the TV to my hi-fi audio setup (sharp xl-hf 202). The only output audio my TV has is optical And my sharp xl-hf 202 only has audio in Can I...
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    Solved! Trying to run Xbox 360 sound through sound card on my PC.

    Hello I am trying to run my xbox 360 through my PC speakers. I have video through HDMI. Sound comes through monitor speakers but is lousy. Suggestions? Thanks Ed
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    Xbox 360/Sony PS3 Emulator

    Is it possible to play Xbox 360 and PS3 games someday in Emulator with Intel Core i5 on PC with 60 FPS? I have Xbox 360 JTAG and Sony PS3 Slim but PS3 have dead BT Board so i can't use controller without cable.
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    can you connect an xbox 360 to a laptop

    I was wondering if you can do this I have a hp 250 g5 notebook pc with windows 10 and im not sure if it has an hdmi input or output so I dont know if I can run my 360 on the laptop
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    Elgato HD 60 no siganl with a xbox 360

    I am having a problem with my Elgato HD60, with trying to get it work on my laptop while hooked up to a Xbox 360. After I start up the Game Capture HD program, I plug in the Elgato with the TV and 360 already hooked up, the program will sit for a couple of secs saying “initializing” then it...
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    Can I play Xbox 360 on laptop

    Hi can I play Xbox 360 on laptop I have windows vista
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    tv didn't shown a high definition picture even though it is already connected with HDMI cable

    My TV won't shown any high definition picture even though it is already connected to my xbox 360 via HDMI cable. The TV just shown the same definition as when it is plugged in with an ordinary cable.
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    HDMI issues, long run, signal drops, multiple factors?

    Hi guys I have an issue with my HDMI run! the current set up TV- -90deg Adapter -5m HDMI in plaster (good quality Cableson) -HDMI joiner Female-Female -10m HDMI (thin cable only approx. 4mm for easy fitment) -Anker Powered HDMI switch -20cm HDMI runs to Xbox 360/one/TiVo 20cm I previously...
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    How would I connect my Panasonic Smart TV and my Xbox 360 to my older Onkyo TX-SR502 receiver and hear the surround effect and

    Could anyone give me some directions for connecting a new Panasonic TV and Xbox 360 to old Onkyo TX-SR502 receiver
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    Solved! Sonos playbar 5.1 signal + no sound through playbar from Smart TV apps

    Hi, I'd like some help with getting the best out of my new sonos playbar. First of all my set up is as follows: Samsung 48J5500 Smart TV (w/ Netflix, Amazon prime etc) Xbox 360 Youview box Chromecast HDMI splitter with optical out...
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    Project cars on pc with volant de course xbox 360

    i found a steering wheel (volant de course xbox 360) on good price,im intrested in buying this but im not sure it will work on my pc with project cars ,does anybody knows?
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    Can I turn my laptop into a screen for my Xbox One using an HDMI to VGA cable?

    I want to use my laptop as a "monitor" for my HDMI consoles, but since HDMI ports are only HDMI out on computers I was wondering if I could use an HDMI to VGA cable.
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    xbox 360 emulator, real or fake???

    Right, so i came across this emulator, heres the link, all is good, until you download it, and it says theres a new update... i really dont think this is real, but i saw game play futage of it advertising some game... worth a shot i guess, xD
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    i can not get my audio back i pulged in a xbox 360 controller to my hp laptop even with head set i have no audio at all plz he

    i can not get my audio back i pulged in a xbox 360 controller to my hp laptop even with head set i have no audio at all plz help
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    how do i connect my xbox 360 to my acer cromebook

    i'm over 13 and i don't know how to get my acer cromebook to connect to my xbox 360.
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    ps3/x360/wii audio doesnt work when any 2 plugged in

    Exactly that. If my ps3/x360/wii are plugged into the hdmi (there are three plugs, one for each system) all at the same time, the audio doesnt work. IF any two are plugged in, same thing. Unplug all but one, and the audio comes back. Why? Is there an alternative thing I can use so i can plug...
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    No Audio Coming Out of Monitor (XBOX 360)

    I wanted to hook my xbox 360 to an asus monitor via HMDI cable i have no audio even though my monitor has built in speakers and i have searched online for A LONG TIME (not to mention i can hear sound when i plug my headphones into the back of the monitor)
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    Xbox 360 Controller Wireless for Windows

    I have one Xbox 360 Controller Wireless for Windows and works on Xbox 360 too. On PC works with receiver. Xbox 360 don't detect without pairing if i'm using Controller on PC and conversely.
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    Can the GT 750m beat Xbox 360?

    I want it to beat the xbox 360 on gta 5 performance. I want to play gta 5 at least on x360 graphics.
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    I am trying to connect my xbox 360 to my new smart tv, but I have the wrong cable colours!

    Where do I put the red white yellow cables if I have blue green and white plugs?
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    Terrible audio quality from headset, not sure it's normal

    I bought a KMD Pro Gamer Headset for Xbox 360, which I'm using on a PC, plugged to my 360 wired controller. I do have audio playback and recording, but the sound quality is very very bad. I'm not one of those people that are highly attuned to sound quality, nor am I a big fan of great sound, but...
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    Where Can I Find External Speakers for My Monitor?

    I have the Acer GN246HL monitor that I use for my gaming PC. I have an Xbox 360 next to me that I would like to use, but I cannot seem to get the audio working (monitor does not have speakers). What can I do to hear the xbox games? Are there speakers that I can buy, or am I just missing...
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    LG HDMI Playstation4 xbox360 problem

    I have the strangest problem with my LG HDTV (purchased somewhere around 2008). It is an LG 46LD550 and the DirecTV box works fine at 1080p. The TV works fine with DirecTV via HDMI. For example, I have a direcTV box connected to the TV via HDMI. This works fine regardless of which HDMI...
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    Hisense 50H8C TV switches on and off Xbox 360

    Hi, I have a Hisense 50H8C, purchased two weeks back. The issue is the TV switches on and off when i play via an xbox 360. I have attached a sample video of what happens for reference. Note that this happens only when using the xbox 360, and not while watching over netflix or youtube using the...
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    Can I connect my Xbox 360 to a monitor that's connected to my laptop and use OBS to screen capture the game?

    Can I connect my Xbox 360 to a monitor that's connected to my laptop and use OBS to screen capture the game I'm playing? And if so will I also be able to record my voice and a Skype call?
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    Is there any known xbox360 controller emulator for tablet android as there is for PC so my not xbox controller could simulate

    Tablet Android controllers?
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    No Audio From Xbox 360 Elite

    I have the 360 Elite, a computer, and a monitor with 1x hdmi, 1x vga, and 1x dvi inputs (Acer gn246hl). There are no built-in speakers. How can I get audio from the xbox? I would like to use my headset (Creative SoundBlaster Tactic 3D Sigma), but I will take any option at this point. The...
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    Toshiba TV stopped working when connected via HDMI to an AV receiver

    I have an Xbox 360 and a BluRay player connected to an Onkyo AV receiver, which then goes to a Toshiba 62HMX84 TV. All connections are through HDMI. It used to work great, then one day stopped working. The TV flashes brief images of the Xbox 360. No signal from the BluRay player except brief...
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    How can i Play XBOX 360 on my laptop ( HP notebook 2000 with windows 10)?

    I dont have my own TV And i have a hp notebook 2000 ive seen it be used as a media output so i wanted to see if i could use it as a tv without having to use a capture card
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    how do I use my pc as a moniter for my xbox 360 with hdmi

    I have an Asus labtop and I plugged my xbox into my labtop with an HDMI cable but nothing came up, shouldn't the labtop work as a screen for my labtop? how do I get my labtop to display my xbox
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    Xbox 360 bad graphics on my LCD tv

    Hi, I own a 32" LCD Panasonic viera c series's bit does not have an HDMI's still hooked up with the old component I happened to try playing xbox 360 on my TV..1st of all...the power plug of the console was a 3 pin square type and the one I had in my house...
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    How to set up an Xbox 360 controller with the Oculus Rift

    This tutorial will guide you how to succesfully do the set up fpr the Xbox 360 controller with the Oculus Rift. The one controller and the 360 controller from Xbox are equally treated by XInput, so you can use the both controllers for your Oculus Rift. So you shouldn't worry if you want to...
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    How to set up an Xbox 360 controller with the Oculus Rift

    The one controller and the 360 controller from Xbox are equally treated by XInput, so you can use the both controllers for your Oculus Rift. So you shouldn't worry if you want to change your controller, or maybe use the old one you already have. This are the steps to setup up your Xbox 360...
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    How to set up an xbox 360 controller with the HTC Vive

    Follow the steps from this tutorial so you can successfully do the setup for the Xbox 360 controller with the HTC Vive. Every one of us will buy a headset like this just to feel the moment to be in the world of our favorite PC game. But the experience is not complete if you don’t play it with a...
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    Lenovo Yoga Pro - projector connected to PC

    Hey! I would like to connect my tablet Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 or 3 with my monitor on laptop. And I would also like to know if there is a possibility to connect it to HDMI out port for example on my xbox 360. Thank you
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    Can i run xbox 360 on old TV

    hello I have a Tv Sony kv-g14q1 can I run xbox 360 on it it is my older tv And games like fifa 16 or gta 5
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    Blackops 3 Xbox 360

    I bought blackops 3 for xbox 360 and it showed error due to location problem. will it work if I download it from the xbox store?