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    Question using pc as an external audio input/output source for android smartphone

    I was replying to an 2018 thread by mltco78dhs but by the time i finished writing it became "solved", with the "solution" being "nope you can't do that duh" and i thought that's not good enough. the original discussion was about if using pc as an external audio input/output source for android...
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    No Audio From Xbox 360 Elite

    I have the 360 Elite, a computer, and a monitor with 1x hdmi, 1x vga, and 1x dvi inputs (Acer gn246hl). There are no built-in speakers. How can I get audio from the xbox? I would like to use my headset (Creative SoundBlaster Tactic 3D Sigma), but I will take any option at this point. The...
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    Laptop With Audio Issues

    I've been having another problem with my HP Spectre x360 laptop. Sometimes when I'm listening to a video or music on earbuds plugged into the laptop, this crackly, static-like noise comes out with the sound. At times it will continue for a few seconds and sometimes it goes on for minutes at a...
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    Audio Not Working

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to get some help regarding my PC's sound issue. When I play a video or music track, it plays well but in the middle I get an error message and then the sound goes out. If I'm using Windows Media Player, I get this error message "An audio device was disconnected or...
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    Pluging in a Xbox controller to my PC removes all sound from my headset

    So I've been using a Razer Megalodon headset for a year now without problems, but now when I plug in a XBOX 360 controller the sound stops working on my headset. Theres loads of threads on this page about the same problem, but I haven't found a real answer yet. Additional details: So I've been...