Solved! Same set of speakers for Xbox 360 and PC

Sep 6, 2019
I have connected my PC and Xbox 360 to the same monitor. I use an AmazonBasics DVI-to-HDMI cable to connect the monitor to a hdmi switcher, and connect the pc and Xbox to the hdmi switcher through hdmi wires. My monitor has no hdmi ports. Only DVI-In and RGB-In. My PC does not have RGB port. I want to buy a set of speakers, and my monitor does not have audio and no microphone jack also. But, I want to connect the speakers such that I don’t have to switch the inputs cables every time I use pc or xbox. My pc runs Windows 10 Pro, if that helps at all. Sorry, I’m a tech noob.
My question is, is there any way to connect the speakers to the monitor itself? On the pc it says audio digital input in not plugged in for monitor, but displays just fine. It’s not bad using it without audio, but just mildly annoying.