Using different speakers from original system (altec lansing 621 and Sony marriage)


Apr 23, 2012
Hello, so i got this used Altec lansing 621 speaker system, and one of the satellite was broken, so instead I connected a pair of 2 way sony ss scl3 Hi-fi's (full range), now there are differences between the originals, one of which is that Altec satellites where 4 Ohm and Sonys are 6 Ohm,
and also a difference in power of about ~70W RMS.
Now my question is, even though they sound fine, can there be any damage done to the internal Amp or the speakers themself due to compatability issues?
One of them being an underpowered Amp and possibly clipping?

Link's provided


Altec lansing's 621

Thank You!
Since the Sony speakers are higher in impedance than the originals you can't hurt the amp in the sub by using them. If there is not enough power for them you will hear distortion in the high frequencies.
If too much power you will bottom the woofer and hear that.
If it sounds fine the way you are using it it is fine.


Apr 23, 2012

Okay thank you, and i suppose that if distortion does occur, I am facing clipping, and that might result in damage to the speakers?
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