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  1. B

    How do I change my 3 jack Altec lansing PC connection to the new single jack 5.1 jack

    I have a 10 year old Altec Lansing surround sound system which I want to attach to my new PC. However the new PC only accepts the new 5.1 Jack. Is there a convertor I can buy?
  2. S

    How do i connect my altec lansing vs2421 sub woofer to my mackie cr3.

    so i got the mackie cr3s and they don't have much bass so i thought i should add my old sub to it but i don't know how since i don't know much about audio, also i'm connecting them to my PC. any help would be appreciated thanks. the speaker -...
  3. T

    Need Help finding an adapter

    I have LG Electronics OLED55B7A 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2017 Model) and DELL ALTEC LANSING ADA995 5.1 THX SURROUND SYSTEM the TV does NOT have a headphone/3.5mm connection only optical audio or ARC and the Sound system only has 3.5mm headphone connections. I am looking for a...
  4. B

    Can you connect a sub-woofer to Edifier R1280T?

    Hello, I am rather new to speaker setups. Is it possible to connect the Edifier R1280T powered bookshelf speakers to a sub woofer ( I have a subwoofer from my Altec Lansing VS 2421 setup and also a Sony SS 4GWD passive subwoofer) without the use of an amp? If so, how do I do it? Thank you...
  5. L

    2.1 budger speakers for gaming

    Hello, F&D F550X vs Logitech Z337:: Been pondering over which of these two to buy. Have a Creative SBS - E2800 which I am thinking of attaching to the TV, need something in it's place for the PC now. No, experience with fenda at all which makes me a little skeptical however reviews say...
  6. C

    on windows 10 i want to use my external altec-lansing speakers.. they are plugged in but do not show up

    on my windows 10 laptop i want to use my altec-lansing external speakers. they are plugged in but do not show up.. just the crappy conexant-iist audio onboards
  7. mrmike16

    Can I use a 12V, 1000mA plug for speakers that use 15V DC, 800mA?

    Hi, so I moved countries and I am trying to find replacement cables for my speakers rather than use transformers. I found one for my Dell speakers, but not my old Gateway2000 speakers from Altec Lansing which are so much better than modern speakers. These are computer speakers I am talking...
  8. M

    Altec Lansing sub woofer humung problem VS4121

    I have a altec lansing subwoofer, I notice that a humung sound comes out when i plug it into my computer but when i plug it on my cellphone the hum went gone. I was puzzled on how can i fix it. I tried to check the power supply and it was ok. Ive read some comments on the internet that maybe i...
  9. S

    how to connect altec lansing fx5051 to my samsung uhd 55" smart tv to make 5.1 channels works ??

    I have Altec Lansing FX5051 speaker which is 5.1 Channel speaker. I bought a smart tv Samsung 55" UHD Flat. Now i would like to know if I can use the FX5051 speaker for my tv ?
  10. C

    Pair two jacket speakers

    IAM trying to pair two altec Lansing speakers they are the jacket h2o3 and k jacket h2o3 how do I pair them see ii need them to play my music outside I mix music that's how I make a living
  11. S

    Sound Blaster Z with 4.1

    Does anyone know if there is a patch or something for the Sound Blaster Z that will allow you to run a 4.1 system correctly. In the software settings, the only options I have are for 2.1 and 5.1 So I don't think they are playing properly. I'm using the Altec Lansing AD745 speakers. I'm running...
  12. W

    Looking for the controller for a Altec Lansing MX5021 sub system

    controller must have been tossed out by mistake, need controller and hate to toss ouy the main unit.
  13. B

    Mac Mini + Powered Monitors + Powered Subwoofer

    Hello All, I have a Mac Mini and my old Altec Lansing speakers have bit the dust. So, I just bought a pair of M-Audio AV40. Simple enough to hook up, sure. BUT, I happen to also have an old JBL s120Pii collecting dust, so I thought why not see if I can put it to good use? I just need to know...
  14. M

    Need Part TDA???? No ?

    Hi My Speaker system ALTEC LANSING FX4021 Part TDA??? Burned Not able to read part No ,can you please help me IC TDA ???? no Thanks
  15. F

    Hooking up a sound bar with (4) Altec Lansing ADA 745 4.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Subwoofer

    Hey everybody I have a problem. I have a Sony soundbar with an optical input for a subwoofer. I want to connected with an Altec Lansing ADA 745 4.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Subwoofer. The problem is there are no places to connect my speakers on my soundbar. But I can't have both options...
  16. B

    NO audio when plugged into speakers aux on the front

    I'm using altec lansing vs2621 2.1 audio system on windows 7 64 bit. The problem is there is an aux port on the front of my right speaker which used to work fine. I didn't use it for some time and when i plug my heasdset into it, there is no sound coming out. I checked all settings and...
  17. G

    powered sub from computer speakers to stereo hard wire!!

    hey everyone im nlooking for some help with hooking up a powered subwoofer from altec lansing vs2121 computer speaker to my jvc reciever my problem is that the sound wire from the subwoofer haslike eight different wires inside the the sound cable and all i want is two i guess fore the...
  18. G

    p.c sub to stereo

    hey i have a altec lansing sub that i want to hook up to my stereo but my my stereo does not have the weird cable hook up...i want to cut the cable and hook into the sub output on my stereo any ideas on which of the eight wires inside the lansing cable i would use to hook up ti the two output...
  19. G

    I need the driver to install my Altec lansing ADA 885 speakers. Somehow when I updated to Windows 10, the driver was uninstall

    Looking for the install driver for my speakers.
  20. J

    Hooking up an old surround sound

    I have an old Altec Lansing surround sound system that I want to use on my Samsung Smart tv using red/white audio cables, but nothing happens when I turn on the system. We use the apps on our tv for entertainment (no cable box). What else can I try? Or is the system simply too old for the tv?
  21. S

    Down firing subwoofer vs front firing subwoofer which is better.

    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me which is better among down firing subwoofer and front firing subwoofer. Which will shake the ground. For example altec lansing atp3 has downfiring sub whereas altec lansing vs4121 has front firing sub. So, which is better. And what is the difference between long...
  22. S

    altec lansing vs4121 vs mx5021 which has more bass

    Hi, Iam confused as to which speakers to buy among altec lansing vs4121 and mx5021. Which has ground shaking bass. Iam going to buy used ones since they are not manufactured anymore.
  23. R

    How to connect a computer Altec Lansing ADA995 5.1 surround sound system to Sony Blu-ray player S3200 OR Samsung LN32D450 TV

    Before he died, my uncle bought my parents a Dell Altec Lansing ADA995 5.1 Speaker System to use with their computer. My folks are in their 80s and don’t use them, so to honor my uncle I would like to try to use them with my Samsung LN32D450 television and Sony Blu-Ray disk player Model S3200...
  24. N3rdR4ge

    Price check on vintage Altec Lansing 510A speakers?

    No idea what they are worth. Here's a picture.
  25. P

    Altec Lansing ACS 48 powered sub woofer cable question

    My old, probably 20 year old, 2:1 PC speaker system with powered subwoofer has finally stopped working. The one satellite speaker went out for the third time and my repairs could not bring it back to life. My question is about using the subwoofer for my entertainment system. My receiver has...
  26. G

    Cant get all speakers to play sound

    I have Altec Lansing ADA995 and cant get the middle and L R rear speakers to work when i try to play sound, but it works when i do the windows test and it is set to 5,1 all wires are right have checked the sound levels. Do i need a soundcard or what? Why does it work in windows test and not when...
  27. Joris

    Using different speakers from original system (altec lansing 621 and Sony marriage)

    Hello, so i got this used Altec lansing 621 speaker system, and one of the satellite was broken, so instead I connected a pair of 2 way sony ss scl3 Hi-fi's (full range), now there are differences between the originals, one of which is that Altec satellites where 4 Ohm and Sonys are 6 Ohm, and...
  28. M

    Altec Lansing making noise when on and not playing a song

    Hi everyone, I bought many years ago a Altec Lansing ATP3 speaker set for the computer and had it stored for many years. Now I am using it again I am surprised by the loud noise that the speakers make while on but no sound being played. When some music is played, if louder then the noise, I...
  29. G

    how do I hook up a jvc Rx-dv3 home theater DVD /CD receiver

    Reciever to Altec lansing lucasfilm thx
  30. J

    Random Noises coming from speakers

    I have an Altec Lansing speaker set, and randomly (even when they are not plugged into anything) they make sounds. The sound is the same, even when the volume is all the way down. Can some help please. Thank you JordanD22
  31. R

    I want to use my speaker's headphone jack instead of my computer's.

    I have an Altec Lansing desktop set of computer speakers, and would like to use the 3.5mm jack to hook my headphones to my computer so that the sound plays through the headphones instead of the speakers plugged in. The front 3.5mm jack on my rig has been damaged and cannot be used, so I was...
  32. Y

    How can I improve the audio quality of music from my PC?

    The audio output from my PC is through the on-board sound card, connected to VS2421 Altec Lansing speakers. I know this is not high end equipment, yet I think the quality is less than I expected. I would appreciate ideas: 1- How to "measure" the quality? is there a way beside the human ear? 2-...
  33. Jhact

    Good Bookshelf Speaker and Amp Under $150?

    I would prefer the total cost to be under $150. They don't have to be fantastic (just the best for the price) as I'm using some Altec Lansing speakers that come with the old pre-built Dell's atm. P.S. Would the Logitech Z623's be any better than this? Thanks!
  34. A

    What config should I have with these speakers?

    Hi, I have Altec Lansing ACS495 speakers. I am told it's some sort of surround speakers, called "Prologic Surround". The speakers are connected with one 3.5mm green jack connector to my Realtek HD Audio, and "Prologic Surround" mode is enabled on the speakers. But I dont know if I should set...
  35. A

    Help me configure my surround speakers correctly

    Hi, I got ALTEC LANSING ACS 495, and I need help. My audio card in my pc is Realtek HD Audio, 6 rear ports. First of all, this doesnt seem to be correct... It looks weird, dont u think? I've double-checked, the right satellite is on the right side and vice versa, but it looks so weird.. And...
  36. E

    bose active equalizer

    I have owned every speaker from Klipshorns, Electro Voice,JBL, AR,Advent, Polk, Altec Lansing, many of the speakers these companies made. being a professional audio file I can definitely state that none of them were as good as the Bose 901s! Sorry boys the 901s designed by Dr.Amar Bose back in...
  37. K

    Should I upgrade?

    Hello. This thread is about answering a question that has been going around my mind for quite some time now and it's about upgrading my 2.1 channel speakers to 5.1 surround sound which i use with my computer. I have this thing about speakers that i like it to really sound good with some powerful...
  38. J

    Best 2.1 Speakers for PC, as good as Altec Lansing MX5021

    Hello I currently have the Altec Lansing MX5021 on a PC & absolutely LOVE the sound from them. I don't game, but listen to music a lot & watch movies a lot. I got another computer for another room & would love to purchase the Altec Lansing MX5021, but they are discontinued. So I was...
  39. T

    Are Altec Lansing ADA 745 4:1 powered speakers/amplifier repairable?

    A lightning strike in neighborhood abruptly shut down power on everything. When power resumed hours later, my 2 rear speakers were no longer working. Front pair & powered woofer were OK. Unfortunately, could not test at home because each speaker's connector to the woofer is distinctive &...
  40. B

    HELP - Connecting AV Receiver to Some Old Speakers!

    Need some help please, have these old (but amazing) computer speakers, Dell Altec Lansing ADA995. 5.1 system- all plugs into a massive subwoofer and three cables come out of that. Been using them with an adaptor to create mono sound for my iPod but now want to connect them to an AV receiver for...
  41. D

    Best 2.1 Speaker!

    Edifier C3 vs Altec Lansing MX6021
  42. S

    I can't get my mic to work! >.<

    I have a mic, I think it's an Altec Lansing, and all I get is static. It's plugged into the Front Mic. Jack, and I've tried messing around in the Recording Audio settings, but to no avail. No matter what I change, it does nothing new. All it does is it produces static if it produces anything at...
  43. Fruhstuck

    Trying to fix sub woofer humming noise.

    Hello, I recently moved back into a college apartment. When I plugged in my Altec Lansing VS4121BLK speakers to listen to some music. I noticed a low humming or buzzing noise coming from the sub woofer. I went online and started trouble shooting I read a few articles about something called...
  44. G

    Connecting AV Receiver to 5.1 speaker system - Advice

    Hi all, I have Kenwood KRF V5050D and I would like it to be connected to Altec Lansing VS3251 5.1 speaker system. The problem is the speaker system takes 1 aux input or 3 auxiliary inputs for Front L/R, Rear L/R and Sub/Center. Now output of the AV Receiver are in a different way as shown in the...