Question PHILIPS 6900 series Smart TV LED black screen issue

Oct 6, 2019
Hello everyone!
My Philips LED TV has started turning the screen black itself periodically, showing a blue bar in the middle and then it returns on. There is no sound too when it happens.
It usually takes from 20 to 35 seconds to show the image again.
Tried several things like:
  1. changed remote batteries;
  2. unplugged power supply from the wall for a minute;
  3. upgraded firmware and software to latest;
  4. tried different power outlets of my house;
  5. resetted to factory settings;
  6. opened the rear panel (I have no longer warranty, bought in 2013) to inspect capacitors and electronic components: everything looked fine, just removed a little dust.
No ways.
If it can help, I have noticed that the problem came out when the original TV remote got damaged and I had to replace it with an universal one.
But other TVs in my home never showed the same problem with.
I have asked for a technical support from a Philips support center where I live, but they've still not contacted me.
Here is a YouTube link showing the problem:

Wonder if there's a final way to get rid of this issue.
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Oct 22, 2019
Did you try a different source? like if this is happening with the cable source maybe try a dvd or something and see if it does the same thing, sometimes a cable box gets wonky and needs to be powered all the way down and restarted.
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