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  1. ReallyWilly

    Question PHILIPS 6900 series Smart TV LED black screen issue

    Hello everyone! My Philips LED TV has started turning the screen black itself periodically, showing a blue bar in the middle and then it returns on. There is no sound too when it happens. It usually takes from 20 to 35 seconds to show the image again. Tried several things like: changed remote...
  2. khushit

    Question Laptop screen goes blank.

    My dell vostro laptop screen goes blank after several seconds or minutes, it highly varies, sometime it just goes off right after the dell logo or sometimes it goes of after minutes. I haven't change any hardware. But, the laptop was not turned on for 1 Year now.
  3. M

    Question Lenovo screen totally black after change

    Good morning, When changing the screen of my Thinkpad X1 Carbon (1st generation), I encountered a problem: I disconnected the old screen, I put the new one in, I started the machine and everything works, great! and the one very, very, very bad idea comes to mind: Reconnect the old screen but...
  4. M

    Lenovo x301 black screen on power-up but internal screen works if external monitor is connected

    Hi, I've read plenty of posts that describe a problem similar to mine, but have never read this exact problem. On power-up running Windows 7, the screen works at first but once the point in the power-up sequence comes for the Windows splash screen, the screen goes black although the laptop...