Question High RAM usage and fan running randomly

Jun 15, 2022
It has been less than 2 months since I got my Asus Vivobook X513 and in this last week I have had some issues I didn't have before. My RAM (8gb) usage is weirdly high at all times, it never drops under %70 and is usually above %80. I did some research and found out that it is in fact nothing to worry about because of superfetch feature, but I still don't think this is the case because %80 seems too high. I also found out that when %50 or more RAM is used fans start running, which is another issue I have had in the recent days. Even when my laptop is turned off and charging the fans start running as if I am doing a heavy thing like gaming, and no it doesn't even pull out any air. Actually, I feel some air coming from the space between the screen and case. I was wondering if my fans and high RAM usage are a normal thing but this didn't use to happen only 4-5 days ago, my battery life is also almost 2 times shorter as now even when browsing the net it lasts 3-4 hours compared to how it used to last 3 hours gaming