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  1. D

    Question Razer Blade Pro or Legion Y740?

    As the title states, I'm looking between these two laptops. Both models I'm looking at are carrying an RTX 2060, an i7-9750h, 16gb of ram, both 17.3", but the Razer is $2500 while the Lenovo is $1900. Can anyone explain how Razer is justifying the price difference here? For me, the clear answer...
  2. T

    Question I purchased a replacement power jack, the original one was 65W but the replacement is 45W (ordered by laptop model). Should I return the 45W one?

    The cable with jack plugs in internally to the motherboard connection (not soldered type). It's not an issue with the charger or charger cables I have replaced that already and I had to wiggle the charger connection to certain angle to get it to charge. Charger is 65W, original connection is...
  3. J

    Question No BIOS on Boot - Lenovo X1 Carbon

    Hello, So I've ran into an issue where a laptop that i'm servicing will no longer boot the BIOS. When I press the power button, F1-12 will light up, along with the power button, but that's about it. Context: This laptop previously had a Windows upgrade (not an update) to it. As some of you...
  4. slydoge

    Question Laptop struggling to boot

    I have recently gotten a used Dell Inspiron 9300 running Windows XP. It was acting up a little bit, but it was running more or less smooth and would boot quickly. I didn't want the OS in Russian so i decided to reinstall it, but i wanted to check whether it would run Lubuntu first. It booted...
  5. Emma9197

    Question Spilled water on my laptop

    Hello i spilled water on my laptop and i took every possible actions. Removed all the water on the outer side. My laptops battery cant be removed. I was afraid to make damage to my laptop so i didnt open up the bottom. I left it dry for the night and now it wont even turn on. Please is it...
  6. J

    Question Will any of these laptops be able to run minecraft efficiently?

    I want a laptop for college work and minecraft so I’ve but found 2 options, but will they be able to run minecraft without lag and with good resolution so it’s clear? The acer aspire 5...
  7. M

    *!HELP!* - MSI stuttering/static on Youtube on all browsers. Nothing else.

    I've tried everything. Only on youtube, videos will Sometimes be good for a while, but other times it will stutter a lot, make static noises every few seconds, and have audio delay and not be in sync with the video. I've tried the log out and empty cache thing.. Updating drivers (DriverBooster6)...
  8. M

    Question Asus hero III. Keystone sound plays randomly.

    Hi guys, I just got the new Hero III and just wonder why the keystone sound effect plays randomly. Is it a notification of something or a bug from Armoury crate software?
  9. A

    Question Laptop screen turns black randomly

    Hello! I have a problem with my laptop screen since about 6 months. My laptop is an Acer aspire 5739G and the problem is that the screen suddenly (without any obvious external factor) turns black and it can stay black from only milliseconds until days before it turns on again. Most often it...
  10. junior31210

    Question Laptop screen turns black when booting into windows 10

    Hello guys nice to meet y'all, I got a Toshiba Qosmio X70-B-102 Laptop, i bought it around 2013 and it worked perfectly ever since. Until last year october, that is, when a new windows 10 update was released. I installed the update, and it began: bluescreens, everywhere. Sometimes the laptop...
  11. yirv iej livcnqejwvijvw

    Solved! Am i able to upgrade my laptops cpu

    hey guys sorry for bothering but i couldnt find answers anywhere. i have a lenovo ideapad 330s 15arr and i was wondering if the cpu was soldired or not as i am unable to find answers for my specific model
  12. N

    Discussion I want to purchase a laptop

    i want a brand new laptop for gaming purpose. So can anyone help me please.
  13. N

    Question Asus FX705 trackpad lagging. Badly.

    The laptop is brand new (6 weeks old) and the issue only just started a week ago roughly. I think it may have been after a windows 10 update. Basically the trackpad becomes entirely unresponsive for maybe 10-30 seconds. After that the cursor will quickly perform all the movements from when it...
  14. maybeits_jack

    Question Huawei Matebook 13 Only Switching on when Charging

    Hey all, This is my first post here so apologies if it's not quite of the correct format. Three days ago I purchased a new Huawei Matebook 13. A day after purchase I noticed an issue that makes using this new laptop frustrating. After powering down the laptop completely and leaving it be for a...
  15. Neon The (Anthro) Umbreon

    Question How do you charge a Toshiba C55-A5245's battery?

    I have had this laptop since 2014 (after my desktop computer got fried in a thunderstorm) and have been annoyed with it not charging. I've tried 2 chargers and 2 batteries and none work. Is there some software I need to download to get it to charge or something? Also sometimes it says it's...
  16. HighLeaderTaurus

    Question Power Button Broken!

    So some context; I have a Gateway Laptop (NE56R31u). A few years ago it had fallen off of my bed and the top left corner of the keyboard part got damaged. The two bottom pieces separated and the power button frequently has issues powering on the laptop. I didn’t know what to do about it, it...
  17. R

    Question Microphone on takes up the headphone slot

    Whenever I try to connect the microphone alone, it works nicely. But whenever i try to use a splitter and connect both my headphones and my microphone, the mic doesn't work and my laptop starts using the in built one. But when i connect the mic into the green port, it works just fine, but i...
  18. S

    Question How much would it cost to replace an Asus laptop motherboard

    I bought the laptop last January. The Model is Asus Vivobook S15 X510UF Its core i3 with 2gb graphics. I am a freelancer so i mostly use it for like every single day for 12+ hours continuously. One day in the morning it stopped working suddenly. It turned up for 10 minutes and i was working then...
  19. shresthabijay26

    Question Laptop freezes completely for 3-4 sec and BSOD shows up

    When I play games, the screen completely stops doing anything. Its doesnt just hang. Every process goes to halt. BSOD comes frequently. When I open Task manager immediately, it shows 100% processor usage and 0% disk usage usually. I have done all tests provided by laptop. I have done ram test...
  20. Jeffery2084

    Question Can't Access BIOS on Dell Laptop

    I cannot access the BIOS on my dell Dell Inspiron i7559. As far as I understand, I need to access it from the screen with the Dell logo, but no such screen comes up when I boot the computer. I am running the os from an SSD that I installed a while ago. When I did that installation I could access...
  21. R

    connect laptop to vga external monitor

    I want to buy a laptop. The laptop I have chosen has 3 usb ports and only one HDMI port. I prefer to connect HDMI to my TV to view videos. I also want to connect laptop to (which has no vga port) to an external vga monitor. what is the solution?
  22. M

    Can I use a 90W charger instead of a 65W one?

    My lenovo Ideapad 310-15ISK was working fine at first but after a while it started having problems charging when running programs which used NVIDIA graphics card instead of the Intel one, originally it came with a 65W AC adapter, but I've heard it could run better with a 90W one, can I...
  23. CL19

    Solved! Laptop doesn't work without charger plugged in, while battery shows that it's at 0 percent and discharging(Windows 10)

    Hello. I have an Asus F550JX-DM 247D laptop and the problem is with the battery . I have tried letting it charge for hours, but it just won't charge. When I have my battery in, while the laptop is plugged in and "charging", if I unplug it it turns off instantly. Also, my battery says "0%...
  24. wuws

    Advice on purchasing Thinkpad e495

    After weeks of searching i am on the verge of buying the Lenovo Thinkpad e495. (639€) Here is the config and price: Since i had to compromise a lot to get there, I need some advice on the following questions: Is this good...
  25. justin0106

    Question Toshiba laptop stuck starting up on Toshiba Leading Innovation

    Ive had this problem for a few months and when i first noticed the problem i didn't think it was that bad. So i got a recover disk to solve it easy. But i cant even access the recovery process because its just stuck of 'Toshiba L I '. I tried all the methods from 0 key to removing the battery...
  26. TTEUZ

    Question TDP problem with a EGPU Laptop Custom WaterCooler Loop

    Hey guys, welcome aboard into my Laptop Project. So, lets go deep... Laptop: NP300E4C-AD5BR SAMSUNG i5-3210M (actually 6GB of RAM running over 667 MHZ DDR3) Upgrades: i7-3940XM WaterCooling + 1060 3GB EXPGDC + 16 GB of RAM running over 1600 MHZ DDR3) Everything is being bought from AliExpress...
  27. evilhny

    Question Can I install WD Green Sata 2.5/7mm SSD on Acer Aspire E15?

    My laptop came with 500GB SATA III HDD. I want to install SSD on it. Will WD Green SATA 2.5/7mm SSD WDS240G2G0A be compatible with my laptop Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-31YC
  28. Desiyo

    Question Laptop won’t turn on

    I have a Lenovo laptop with an internal battery. It has been 1 year since I bought it. It just shut down while I was using it because it was hot. I let it cool down and tried opening it but it won’t, but when I press the power button it lights up for 5 secs then closes. I tried plugging in my...
  29. S

    Question ROG G551VW not boot

    ROG G551VW cannot boot since few days ago. Once connectted to power or battery, power indicator, airplane mode indicator, Captial indicator are on but show black screen. Cannot hear any sound from fan. Tried the following already but got same symptom all the time. Battery only Adapter only No...
  30. Nohen

    Question Laptop fan broke, laptop won’t start

    My laptops fan recently stop working, it makes a really loud grinding noise. My laptop would display a message before bios warning that the fan was broken and further use could result in damage but to hit enter to go to start the laptop. After a few hours of use the laptop won’t go past that...
  31. R

    Question Laptop not displaying to internal monitor

    Laptop is an Acer Aspire r3 131t-c1ew. Got new Screen for it as previous one got broken. When that wasnt working I had a bit more of a look and found that the screen cable itself had a few broken wires so assumed that to be the problem. Cable arrived today so i did the switch, but alas still no...
  32. nicktheone

    Question MSI GP62MVR 7RF screen upgrade.

    Is it possible to upgrade the screen in this model of notebook or does MSI enforce a whitelist for components? If possible could anyone suggest me where to find a decent upgrade? Right now it has a 1920x1080 matte 60Hz and I'd like to upgrade it to a 1920x1080 glossy 120Hz. Thanks in advance!
  33. N

    Question Given 3 brokenish laptops... No clue which one to fix/how to fix/etc...

    Sorry in advance for the headache and the noobiness.... Ok, I have a Toshiba Satellite L875-s7103 (Screen is cracked, and the battery is shot I believe...don't have original charger either) Also have a HP Pavilion g7-1075dx (Screen doesn't come on, wasn't given a charger either) And lastly, a...
  34. Boxstep

    Question Acer laptop some keys not working(not ordinary)

    Hello, i will keep it short. I changed thermo paste cleaned dust put everything back like i always do. I turned computer on - fan spinning power light on but hdd led blinked once and display was off. I removed ram and hdd few times changed ram slots volia somehow everything worked again what a...
  35. R

    My laptop keep pressing zero

    My 5 year toshiba satellite keeps pressing zero(0 key) but the keyboard wasn't no clog and not getting stuck. But i suddenly restart it then it appear (Hard Driver Recovery) settings. It is cause of hard drive failure???
  36. R

    Question CPU runs way over max clock speed while charging. Temps reach upto 92°C while playing any game for just 15 mins. Please help.

    Laptop Description: I own an EVGA SC15 Gaming laptop (less than a year old) with the following specs: CPU: Intel i7- 7700HQ @ 2.8 GHz- 2.81 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, Core: 1455 MHz, Memory: 8008 MHz, GDDR5, 381.99 RAM: 16384 MB, DDR4, 1300 MHz, Dual-Channel, 16-16-16-39 Storage...
  37. M

    Question Will there be permanent damage?

    Hi, last night I closed my laptop while it was resting on some books on my bed and went to the movies. It was still on at the time and someone threw a pile of blankets on my bed over the laptop. When I got back the blankets were quite hot and I turned my laptop off. I'm curious how badly this...
  38. B

    Question Laptop is using dedicated mic instead of external mic

    so my laptop at some point decided to use the dedicated mic instead of my headphone's mic, but the sound output did come from my headphone. i did noticed this problem when i was playing game with my friend via discord, he notice that my sound is worse than usual. at that time i tried to mute my...
  39. M

    Need Help Between Laptops

    I need to choose between HP PAVILION15-CX0032NT COREİ7 8750H and LENOVO LEGION Y530 CORE İ7 8750H Please Help ASAP.
  40. R

    nvidia mx 250 not recognizing

    I recently brought a mi notebook pro 2019 from china and i reinstalled windows eng because default was a chinese version. i dont know what is the problem but nvidia driver is not installing its showing error and nvidia driver is not being recognized in display adapters too. please help me the...
  41. Ikrar Satyadharma

    Question Laptop won't charge after wet

    My Laptop Asus A456U got milk spilled on it while I was using it. The screen quickly went black and I instinctively turn it off. It was plugged on. The laptop turns on but it won't charge. I haven't tried using other charger or using the charger on other laptops cause currently there are no...
  42. K

    Lenovo laptop freezes and produces buzzing noise!

    I was watching a video on my laptop (not on the internet) when it suddenly froze and started making annoying buzzing noise! It's been frozen and noisy for almost 2 hrs now and it's still not stopping. I wanted to shut it down/ restart it but keyboard is useless it wont work, the screen is also...
  43. TommyInfinity

    Question Dell Inspiron 15 7559 UHD (4K) Touch Screen Problem (Pixel-Rain)

    Hey. So.. my laptop Dell Inspiron 15 7559, doing strange things. When I'm using my laptop normally, there is nothing like pixel-rain. But when I'm gaming with a perofrmance-needy game, then after a while of gaming it starts to "rain", and when I quit out of the game, after about 5 mins, it...
  44. a12d

    Question Laptop Crashing/Closing after 10 seconds of game and its not overheating.

    First of all i started using this laptop only a couple a days ago its battery was not working. It was working fine till yesterday but then it closed down once while i opened too many programs(google chrome/discord/agario/minecraft)at once.The overheating limit on this laptop is 100 C. It is very...
  45. S

    Question HP Omen 15 High CPU Temperature

    I brought a new gaming laptop a two to three weeks ago and recently playing call of duty black ops 3 and noticed that the cpu temperature is sometimes over 90c and can get to 95-99c range but less often Not too sure about this as seen on other HP Omen series that it's used to these kinds of...
  46. W

    Question lag spikes/FPS drops

    My Laptop battery was dead so I removed it and since then I'm getting massive lag spikes during online games ONLY, other regular games are working fine my "GPU drivers are updated, no heating issues, no resource issues, no network issues"?
  47. S

    Question HP Laptop Keybboard

    Hi there, So I have a HP laptop, I'm unsure of the exact model but I've had it for a few years. Recently I gave it to my mum to use and she's having trouble using the laptop because of the keyboard. I used it myself and some of the keys work fine but if I hit the 'e' key it comes out with 'er'...
  48. O

    Question Laptop for browser games(farmville2)

    hello, so i want to gift my mother a new laptop, she has been playin only farmville2 for the past few years, and lately it has became extremly demanding and barely loads on the one she curently has. the budget is somewhere between 600-800€.. but if i can get away with less :D.. happy me ^.^...
  49. K

    Question My laptop refuses to use dedicated Nvidia GPU for games

    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134)(17134.rs4_release.180410-1804) System Manufacturer: Acer System Model: Aspire V3-571G Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.4GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M I've...
  50. B

    Question Wifi speed

    Hello guys, I have wifi problems with my ASUS F750J Laptop. On my android phone internet speed is around 300Mbps, but on my laptop only 40mbps. I updated network adapter drivers, but it didn't helped. And strange thing: at my parents house internet speed(70+-mbps) is same on both my phone and...
  51. J

    Question Asus x553ma startup errors

    Hi all! I have an Asus X553MA laptop. The other day, it started lagging, then the screen went crazy. When I tried to restart it, it started the automatic repair, but failed. Some attempts gave me the error saying ntoskernel error, and also the "a necessary device is not connected" error. I...
  52. dencns

    Question Screen glitch/bug/error within Dell Laptop

    LINK as to what I am seeing: View: My normal wallpaper screen is fine, but I'm getting these green 4x4 dots on my screen when it comes to opening my GeForce and Steam application Does anyone know a solution?
  53. H

    Question MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro Won't Boot After Undervolting Using XTU

    My laptop ran incredibly hot so I took the risk and undervolted my CPU in an attempt to lower temps. I think I did around -130mV and ran a benchmark. I did all this using XTU and since I had to do something soon I shut down the laptop. I realised soon after that I probably should have put it...
  54. A

    Question Need help deciding on laptop.

    I have this laptop, but I wanna know if its good for gaming and recording in 1080p with OBS Studio. The games I plan to use are: Zandronum (Classic doom source port), Age of Empires II, Star Wars battlefront II (2005), CoD Series (Mostly World at War). Basically mostly RTS and first person...
  55. W

    Used Gaming Laptop Worth

    Hey guys so i've been wanting to sell my laptop for quite some time now, but i just dont really know how much its actually worth nowadays. Im wanting to upgrade to a desktop since i have room for it now. Specs for Alienware 15 R2: Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Ram: 8GB of DDR4 Duel channel...
  56. Acer aspire e 15

    Question Acer aspire e 15 battery issue

    Recently my laptop acer aspire e 15 has its battery indicator light(right) always orange. The battery shows it is charged upto 93%. However if I unplug the laptop it just turns off. I tried uninstalling battery drivers in device manager and restarting but no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  57. M

    Question Lenovo laptop won't charge after running out of battery

    My fairly new lenovo ideapad 310-15ISK ran out of battery and now it won't charge. I am certain that the ac adapter and the power jack aren't damaged, the battery itself worked fine as well and showed no signs of damage before it ran out. I would remove the battery but it's built in pretty deep...
  58. Briaaaaaaaaaan

    MSI GL62 7QF Shutting down radomly.

    so i just got this problem earlier when im trying to fix my Laptop fan because it creates a loud noise everytime i turn on my laptop so i decided to unplug it in my laptop and leave the other fan working, but after i did that my laptop randomly shutting off.
  59. E

    Question Laptop screen goes very dim when moved(HP Pavillion 15: tpn-c125)

    I'm helping a friend of mine with fixing his HP laptop which is only about a year and a half old. I would really appreciate any input on how to solve this problem. When I turn the laptop on, the screen is on but its so dim that you can barely see it. Only when you wiggle the laptop cover up and...
  60. s439

    Question Should I buy OMEN by HP - 15-dc1006tx or a Dell G7 15 7590?

    Should I buy OMEN by HP - 15-dc1006tx or a Dell G7 15 7590 (both 2019 models with i7-8750H/16GB Single Channel/144hz/RTX 2060 6GB)?