Question Do I want a PC or Lappie for Oculus 2


Aug 9, 2010
Hey Guys, I couldn't find the forum for "desktop PC". If I understand correctly, for video card performance and cost, I want a desktop gaming PC for my son to play Oculus Quest 2 on the link cable, high end vid-cards are more costly in a Lappie, yes? Where is the best place to buy a nice gaming desktop for a fair price? I'm considering buying one online from sellers who will "build" to my needs (the only variable is I need a GeForce 1650 or higher or an AMD 400 or higher), the minimum specs for playing Oculus VR, it's all about the vid-card, the other specs, i5 or higher and 8 gigs of ram are easy to find. What graphics card do you suggest as I'm sure I don't want the lowest card that works, and where to buy? Thanks from a disabled dad rewarding his kid for straight A's/Principals Honor Roll! Be safe.
Hey Guys, I couldn't find the forum for "desktop PC"
Tom's Hardware Forums
You can post your question there. You'll probably get more eyes on it.

I suppose it doesn't really matter, performance-wise, whether you go with a laptop or a desktop PC. Personally, I would always opt for a desktop. Cost-wise, I honestly don't know. I don't know if the graphic card shortage has hit the mobile market as hard as it has the desktop market.

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