Question Help finding <=$600 laptop or desktop that supports TWO External Independent Monitors

Mar 4, 2022
I am trying to find a laptop, or even desktop at this point, that will support TWO external/extended monitors. This has been insanely more difficult than I ever imagined. My understanding, there are several components to this working.
I thought running multiple monitors that can run independent of each other, in other not multiple duplicated monitors, was very common. But apparently it's not.

First, my price range is low, I really don't want to go over $500, $600 max. I don't do any heavy stuff, just school work, internet, just want two monitors to make it much easier to do schoolwork. I have a laptop with an Intel Graphics UHD 620 card, and USB-C Gen.2, the open ports I have to use are HDMI and a USB-C port. Apparently, the Intel card supports external monitors but the USB-C version I have does not. I've heard every which way, as long as the graphics card supports, I can buy external this, adapter that, or if the graphics card doesn't support as long as its USB-C it is supported so buy external this, adapter that...Now I'm even hearing the graphics card may or may not support it depending on the generation of Intel processor.

I'm done at this point, I need a new laptop, or desktop, anyway. It's just as insanely frustrating trying to search Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. So I'm here hoping for any suggestions for a laptop, or desktop, that can do this. My only preference No APPLE, Chromebooks, or off-brand Walmart/Amazon Chinese laptops. Thanks!

Johnson Mike

May 4, 2016
Let's clear a few things first -

If you want to connect two monitors to your laptop, you're going to need two ports to make that happen. One would be an HDMI port and another would be a USB-C port capable of DisplayPort connections.

I would recommend you first confirm if the USB-C in your current laptop is Gen 2 and if it supports the DisplayPort connections. If it does, then you just need to purchase a USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect the two monitors.

If that USB-C port does not support DisplayPort connections, then you can get this Acer Swift 3 laptop -

It is hard to find a good budget laptop that has an HDMI port and USB-C port with DisplayPort capabilities both. This is the cheapest good machine I was able to find fulfilling your requirements.

It packs excellent specs and it's great for work/study and can even handle light gaming.

By the way, you can also use your laptop's screen to act as a monitor if you were not planning to make a three-screen setup. You can purchase a laptop stand that keeps the laptop inclined at an angle so that you can fully open the lid and put it right beside your monitor (connected via the HDMI port on the laptop) to have a two-screen setup.

I would recommend getting a laptop stand of this sort that allows you to adjust incline angle -

There are many other great options but this is the one I personally use for my laptop setup.
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