Laptop Freeze after 10 minutes when plugged in

Feb 4, 2019
Hello, i brought a Laptop last year in january 2018 and worked fine, after 7 months my Laptop started to Freeze after 10 minutes of inactivity (only when plugged in) and after the freeze (2-4) minutes my Laptop automatically reboots. After few weeks this problem was solved, i don't know how then worked fine, now it started again to freeze after 10 minutes of inactivity (when plugged in) and reboots automatically, i don't know why, can anyoane tell me the solution for this problem? No power options restore settings solved/troubleshoot "Power" etc. When Laptop is on Battery (not plugged in) works very fine with no freezes/crashes. But when i'm playing games or typing something or other things like using keyboard/mouse (when plugged in) my Laptop didn't freeze, he only freeze when i'm Away From Laptop/when is on and no one uses it.