Solved! laptop troubleshooting help!

Oct 9, 2018
my laptop has froze for the first time ever browsing 9gag,
it Completley froze.
nothing worked, it wasnt an unresponsive program.
even holding the power button for 10-30-60 seconds didnt do the trick,
i had to poke the force shutdown button through the hole on the back,
im pretty sure its just a malfunction that can easily be outdone for now,
i know it isnt thermal related,
i hope for a list of troubleshooting steps and operations to do/keep a note of that could help me prevent this from getting worse if possible.
help is appreciated!
also i have just booted the laptop again, after leaving it shut for 5 minutes, it was pretty derpy, so i made a full shut down and boot, and it is working fine again, so i can run any troubleshooting of any kind.