What android straight talk cell phone uses verizon


Jan 10, 2010

:bounce: My VZW contract is up, but even better is this news..

Check this link, http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1794231-StraightTalk-Targets-PagePlus-Will-Launch-Verizon-BYOD-Service-On-Tuesday

Per thread, which referenced http://www.phonenews.com/straighttalk-targets-pageplus-will-launch-verizon-byod-service-on-tuesday-22711/ , you can pay for a network access code (NAC) now, no SIM card needed. Check both links bc PagePlus, a competitor to Walmart/StraightTalk, is discussed as well.

:vip: The NAC service began March 26th, so Inzone's February post was right on.

ALERT - StraightTalk.com shows different coverage for Android (lots less) vs non-Android phones per map linked from FAQs. Here's the map link: http://tinyurl.com/bl6khwk Likely related to data, but I'm not certain if the less coverage is for VZW-branded data phones or ST data phones (I'd hope that the VZW phones would receive all of VZW coverage; I don't know who covers Straight Talk phones with data access, maybe Sprint?).
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