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  1. B

    Solved! wire stereo components

    I need a diagram of how to hook up Optimus Amp, Sony bunner & player(disc), Technics double casset player, Pioneer SR-202 Reverb amp.
  2. H

    Solved! Integrated Graphics Card - Missing NVIDIA Control Panel Options

    Hey guys I'm in quite of a pickle :( What I wanna achieve: - Pushing ~70hz refresh rate on my 60hz laptop (for gaming) - The digital vibrance settings from the NVIDIA Control Panel (Saturation in Intel Graphics Control Panel wasn't quite cutting it) My laptop (OMEN 15) has integrated...
  3. S

    Transfer Photos & Texts???

    How do I transfer (in steps) my photos and texts from my Android LG 38 (Optimus Dynamic) to my new Samsung Galaxy On5 (S550TL)? I was able to transfer my contacts but nothing else. I needed to use 'Transfer Wizard' app ... but it's not available on the Android as a choice. PLEASE help ...
  4. R

    Confused on buying High End Laptops.

    Its my first post, sorry if I'm in the wrong thread. I was planning to buy a gaming laptop but i was very confused. I will show u the specs and tell me what do u guys think about it. I will just show the difference between this two choices. First Choice: - 15.6 inch 1080p 60hz screen -...
  5. T

    My laptop uses Intel Graphics Card instead of Nvidia (Optimus problem ?)

    Hi everyone, i bought a laptop (Asus G552VW), he uses gtx960m and Intel HD 530 Graphics. But when i want to launch a game with steam for example, my game starts with wrong card (INTEL) instead of my Nvidia. In my Nvidia Control Panel, i set auto for global settings (in 3D settings) and i set...
  6. M

    How to get my old surround system to work with not just the cable box but the blu ray also.

    I have an old Optimus surround sound system. (no hdmi) An LG blu ray player (1 HDMI only) and an LG HDtv (non smart) the tv has 2 HDMI, 1 antenna/cable in, composit (red, green, blue), and 1 optical digital out. I have no clue what optical digital out means. The Surround sound has NUMEROUS...
  7. T

    Which Laptop Should I Buy?

    So I've been looking for a laptop for a little bit now, and thought I would settle with the MSI Leopard Pro 408, but then realised that it has optimus... So any help finding a laptop with these specs, would be helpful, also without Optimus please. i7 7700HQ, GTX 1060 (3GB prefered to lower the...
  8. M

    Extreme temperature and noise fluctuations?

    Hello, i use Optimus V laptop from pcspecialists, its essentially Clevo W370SS, the thing is, while SSD (V300 Kingston) remains cool even on full load, GPU remains in acceptable temperature even on full load too (GTX 860M), thing is, monitoring software shows extreme fluctuations in temperature...
  9. tigershrimp

    Optimus VI 17.3" insane temperatures

    My laptop specs for introduction: i7-4710mq 2.5hz (3.5 turbo, disabled turbo in power options cause temps are going even more nuts then) gtx 860m V300 120GB SSD clevo 370ss laptop case ..forgot what else... anyway cpu temps according to HWmonitor as i post now are jumping around from 42 to 50...
  10. W

    Optimus analog receiver to Xbox one and Samsung Smart TV

    Okay, I'll put the model numbers/devices before anything else: Samsung 40" Class 1080p Smart LED LCD TV UN40J520DAFXZA Xbox One Optimus AV Surround Receiver STAV-3280/3350 So, basically what I'm trying to accomplish is integrating my analog receiver with my Xbox One and TV. It's just a...
  11. I

    Cricket LG Optimus L70 phone softbricked out of nowhere

    I was using 360 boost to shut down some background apps, which has been working without a hitch for months, and once it was about to fade out and show the rocket, it froze. I had to hold the power button and tell it to power off and restart. This would normally fix a freeze issue without...
  12. H

    how to fix security error problem in my lg d500 f6 optimus

    how to solve the security error problem in my lg d500 optimus f6
  13. C

    How do I set the default download location to my SD card on a LG Optimus L9 P769?

    How do I set the default download location to my SD card on a LG Optimus L9 P769? I saw another thing on here explaining how to do it but I cannot follow those steps on my phone since I don't have those choices in the settings.
  14. G

    Nvidia Optimus crap technology

    Hello I am using a laptop probably with nvidia Optimus technology but still it uses the Intel graphics driver when I run dxdiag I have tried basically everything to change it to the nvidia but that nvidia card is shit and does not want to work with any of my games
  15. H

    I switched my photos over to my sd card. When i click on my photo it says file not found. How do i get them back.

    I have a lg optimus g pro phone and I switched my photos over to my sd card and when i click on a photo it says file not found.
  16. A

    lg optimus g pro switches off

    I have a lg optimus optimus g pro. It works fine with the charger but when i plug out the charger it either switches of or restarts...but doesnt go pass the lg logo. I am stuck with problem kindly help me
  17. MySeaGateIsDown

    Confusing report in GPUz when idle - Nvidia Optimus

    I have an ROG Gl552jx laptop with Nvidia Optimus. When the laptop is idle, the readings for Nvidia card shows up with intermittent graphs, as if it is continuously switching ON and OFF. May I know is this normal? Or why is it happening so? Is there a way to fix it? Here is the screenshot:
  18. C

    need help in choosing laptop

    Hi. i have a seller who can provide a rebranded clevo p750dm-g with the ff specs: i7 6700k gtx 980m 8gb (w/optimus) 16gb ddr4 ram (kingston hyper x impact) 1tb 7200rpm hdd 15.6 matte 1080p ips w/ gsync. so here are the questions: 1. is it ok to buy this for 2143 usd? 2. shud i opt for i5...
  19. J

    17.3 Optimus VII buying advice

    I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop and overwhelmed by the options. i3 CPUs much more than i7 CPUs etc. I know this is a lot to read, but this is a lot to spend for me, so I would really appreciate some feedback/help. Budget: around £800 ($1200) REQUIREMENTS Basic: Browsing net, watching...
  20. M

    How do I make my sd card the default download and installation location in my lg optimus exceed?

    Need help with memory
  21. F

    Nvidia Control Panel not saving settings (permissions set correctly)

    I've been googling this matter for a lot time now, and all the possible solutions involve changing the permissions of C:\ProgramData\Nvidia corporation.Having done all that, the problem still persists. Trying to change default GPU doesn't work as its reverted when Control Panel is restarted. Any...
  22. T

    how to move photos to SD card

    How do I move photos and videos to SD card, on my Android F3 Optimus?
  23. 1

    How to move my apps to my micro SD card on my LG Optimus phone

    edited by ffg7 need to know how to make my micro SD card my default download destination.
  24. V

    how to move apps to sd card

    My lg optimus wont transfer apps to the sd card and the phns memory gets full and sd card is empty ! Why?
  25. S

    Need help with duel video card laptop

    Hello, I have a Smasung QX310 laptop with nVidia Optimus Technology. When I go to the device manger it shows; Intel(R) HD Graphics and nVidia GeForce 310M under Display adapters. Now my issue is that I am trying to play Total War: Attila and I am having problems with the game. I just get a...
  26. T

    how much weight can a Optimus ProCS5ii center channel speaker hold

    I have an optimus center channel speaker and want to place a 46 inch Samsung hdtv on top of it. Will it take the weight?
  27. M

    How to move media to sd card on my lg optimus andriod

    I need to move my media content to the sd card, my phone wont work properly becuase of l;ow internal storage amount. I need to transfer all of it over, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. Please help!!!
  28. S

    Laptop dedicated gpu failure?

    I've already been trying to search for a solution or an explanation for the past few days, so I'm sorry if somehow my incompetence missed this issue being answered somewhere else. So here's the deal: I have a laptop, a Lenovo v570, with an Nvidia GeForce 540M on it. The laptop also has a...
  29. U

    I lost my contacts on a factory restart and i dont no my email to recover it

    Pls help i wanted to deletee the new lollipop update but it failed my phone is lg optimus l90
  30. S

    How to I connect Samsung blu-ray player to my Optimus STAV3680 receiver?

    I have blue-ray connected to LG HDTV w/HDMI cord but there are no other ports on blu-ray other than USB. When I watch movies on blu-ray and turn on receiver I get audio from TV channels - not movie.
  31. W

    my lg optimus

    How do i move items to my sd card on my lg optimus?
  32. N

    Help moving apps to SD card on LG Optimus Exceed 2

    I'm on an unrooted LG Optimus Exceed 2 and I've been running out of space so I put in a 16GB SD card so I would be able to continue downloading apps and games. However, when I try to move apps from my internal storage to the SD card, it will say they are moved but no data will be on the SD...
  33. P

    Gaming laptop 15inch vs 17inch

    Hi, I want to ask which of this two laptops is better for gaming and in general Laptops are from pcspecialist and they are Proteus II 15,6 and Optimus VI 17,3 Specs of Proreus II Specs of Optimus VI
  34. C

    Forgot password ( LG OPTIMUS. L70

    Forgot my password LG. OPTIMUS LG for signing in Google
  35. N

    how to bipass lock screen due to forgotten lock code

    LG Optimus Fuel....locked with 4 digit pin , I have forgotten pin and cannot get into my phone!
  36. M

    phone is being hacked help

    Its a lg optimus lg70 im beng tracked an calls r being interferd. With how can i stop this ty mirasdreamland
  37. F

    Rooting LG G3 keeps the Optimus UI or remove?

    Exactly what the title says, If I root my LG G3, do I lose the Optimus UI that comes with this phone or not? And also how to root.
  38. I

    No audio through HDMI (Sager NP6165 / CLEVO W150ER) WIndows 8.1

    When my laptop is connected to the TV through my HDMI cable, I get video but no audio. There is no HDMI option in playback devices, even with disabled devices and disconnected devices showing. I've tried with the audio and graphics drivers provided by the manufacturer, as well the most up to...
  39. F

    Issues with NVIDIA Optimus

    I have an ASUS gaming laptop given to me by my parents. It has an NVIDIA 870M built in. For some reason, I cannot get the god damned NVIDIA Optimus to enable the 870M. Even when I'm running a game, I get shit framerate as a result of it not being enabled. I tried going into NVIDIA Control...
  40. J

    how to get your phone off safe mode on lg Optimus l90

    My phone is acting really slow and it won't let me get it off safe mode
  41. 3

    moving apps to a sdcard

    i have a lg optimus dynamic, model number: LGL38C. how do i move all apps, even ones grayed.
  42. V

    how do i change my sd card to default storage on lg optimus L70

    im having problems saving my storage to my sd card it saves to internal storage. ive looked through my phone but it doesnt give me the option to change it or i just cant find it
  43. B

    safe mode wont turn off

    I have an lg optimus and it is stuck in safe mode. I have restarted it, factory date reset, took the battery and the sim card out and i cant get it off. How would i go about this problem? I dont know how it got in safe mode my mom came home and told me about it.and it.has been stuck ever since...
  44. S

    Help: Problem with Nvidia GPU not detected, Tried pretty much everything.

    I have Asus N550JV (i5, 8MB, GT750m 1MB, WIn 8.1 64Bit). Tried pretty much everything to solve this optimus problem thing, and still when playing games that require 3D (tested with Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and The Darkness 2), the NVidia's Settings switched back to Intel Graphics. I use...
  45. K

    Nvidia Optimus: Can I disable the GPU?

    This may seem like a strange request, but, sadly, I think I toasted my gpu. I have been getting blue screens of death quite frequently, and it seems to be tied to the gpu. I have been careless about keeping the laptop in a poorly ventilated part of the desk. Is there anyway that I can...
  46. L

    Can a Walmart Family Mobile LG Optimus L90 Smartphone be used with Straight Talk, if its a carrier is T-Mobile?

    Can a Walmart Family Mobile LG Optimus L90 Smartphone be used with Straight Talk, if its a carrier is T-Mobile?
  47. L

    Dedicated GPU not being used/used properly in my Lenovo Z510

    A few days ago, I started experiencing low FPS in all my games suddenly. These days, I play CS:GO mostly, but I checked other games and they too suddenly gave me lower FPS than before. I used MSI Afterburner to monitor my GPU usage, and it showed GPU1 being used while GPU2 remaining at 0%. I...
  48. J

    Optimus technology with 64bit games

    Hello, I have a problem with Nvidia's Optimus. Running 32bit games works flawlessly, I can force them to choose the right GPU (from the control panel) and everything is fine. Now, trying to run a 64bit game doesn't work like that. The settings stay the same (forced Discrete GPU), etc etc...
  49. K

    LG Optimus L9 deleted my music - on its own - HELP!

    Hi! My phone somehow has lost/deleted my music files. They aren't on my SD card, why has this happened? Is there anywhere on the phone that the music files might be hiding?
  50. D

    optimus laptop power

    how to on the optimus power in Toshiba windows 7 laptops? (this is not connected with gaming)
  51. I

    How to block Restricted and unavailable numbers from my Verizon LG Optimus

    How to block restricted and unavailable numbers from calling in
  52. N

    LG Optimus G e971 say's IMEI null?

    I recently cracked my lcd screen and brought it in for repair at a third party retailer, after I recieved it back it was working and I was able to make and recieve calls but the screen would go black everytime I ended a call. I brought it back and was told it would be corrected, but when I...
  53. SharpHD

    Can i put a AT&T sim into an Ebay bought, AT&T phone?

    Hi. i want this android phone off eBay, (LG Optimus G) and its only for AT&T. i currently have an iPhone 5C, and it has a nano sim, and the Optimus G has a Micro sim, so its bigger. just wanting to know if i buy a sim adapter kit, will my AT&T SIM work? or will the adapters screw it up, or will...
  54. M

    Asus g750jx VS Asus g750js?

    Asus g750jx is with gtx 770m and disable optimus Asus g750js is with gtx 870m and enable optimus
  55. G

    How to retreive deleted voicemail from LG L90 Optimus phone

    Deleted a voicemail from my LG Optimus L90 phone. Need the message to prove that a Dr cancelled my surgery to go on vacation. Phone is thru T mobile
  56. Xexoxix

    My phone will not turn on, even though it is in the charger (LG Optimus F3)

    So, a couple of days ago, my phone was out of battery, and I didn't charge it until around 12 hours later. When I plugged it in, it wouldn't turn on at all. I have tried taking the battery out and putting it back in, removing the SIM card, removing the SD, using a different USB power adapter and...
  57. D

    Optimus L90 from TMobile questions

    Just received my new phone and i really like it.. I would have hoped though that the screen would wake up with a text message or at least have the option to am i just missing the option somewhere? its really annoying because i sit with my headphones on and i constantly have to turn my phone on...
  58. K

    moving data from encrypted sd card to new larger sd card

    Is it possible to simply copy the data from my current encrypted sd card in my LG Optimus Showtime phone (using Android 4.0) to a new unencrypted larger sd card?
  59. N

    How to verify LG Optimus LTE2 IMEI

    I bought a new cell phone,IMEI code is 358239050759572 ,who can help me which date produced on?