Confused on buying High End Laptops.


Jan 23, 2018
Its my first post, sorry if I'm in the wrong thread.
I was planning to buy a gaming laptop but i was very confused.
I will show u the specs and tell me what do u guys think about it.
I will just show the difference between this two choices.

First Choice:
- 15.6 inch 1080p 60hz screen
- i7-7700HQ
- HM175 Chipset Motherboard
- GTX 1070 supports NVIDIA Optimus

Second Choice:
- 17.3 inch support 4K-UHD 120hz screen
- i7-8700K <- Scary heat xD
- Z370 Chipset
- GTX 1080 with G-Sync(no Optimus) SLI

Currently using 970m laptop which supports Optimus and i like Optimus because of the low idle temp and voltage usage. I am confused because second choice heats up much even in idle. I found out about this after comparing with my friends laptop.

NVIDIA that supports Optimus idle temp: CPU 30C GPU 28C. on heavy gaming CPU 55-77C GPU 59-65C.
NVIDIA that doesnt support Optimus(using Gsync instead) Idle: CPU 50C GPU 40C. on heavy gaming CPU 80-90C GPU 70-80C.

both tested on the same game and GSYNC laptops fans are so noisy and crazily hot and often throttles down.

I have been living in japan for 3 years and we are using Japan brands. My 970m laptop (have been using almost 2 years) has no problem at all and it was perfect, so i was planning to buy new one.
These laptops has no much customization available so specs stated on the choices are unchangeable.
Please tell me what u guys think. Tell me more about the heats like it will damage or the laptop wont last long or reasons of First/Second Choice or something like that.Thanks!

Just in case, will provide laptop links:
First choice
Second choice
to see the details click mini red circle arrow 仕様詳細を見る bellow the details of laptop. its written mostly in Alphabets.

Provide some of your experience using laptops that has similar specs is also ok.

note : This brands are all Clevo based bios(im not sure how to say it).


Dec 23, 2017
you know you can save 250,000JPY with the same build on that 2nd laptop if you built your own PC. thats a hella expensive laptop tho. and i doubt about that custom made laptops heatsinks for the components inside. and you are right. like you said. thats gonna be a microwave there. 8700k is not meant for laptops. not now.

and laptop with those specs are too heavy to carry around with you. and you dont wanna risk breaking the components inside. the more you move it around the more likely some parts will get damaged over time. expect it to be really noisy and hot. might as well go for the 1st choice coz that value price is so much more reasonable.

after customizing 1st laptop price is around 266,760JPY. not much to customize except for storage/RAM tho.
16GB メモリ [ 8GB×2 ( PC4-19200 / DDR4-2400 ) / デュアルチャネル ]
■2TB HDD ( 5400rpm ) [ Seagate 製 ]
525GB SSD ( Crucial MX300 / SATA3 / 6Gbps 対応 )
256GB NVM Express SSD ( SAMSUNG SM961 / M.2 PCI Express x4 接続 ) 最大3,000MB/sを超える連続読み出し性能!
id rather you wait for the Max-Q laptops later this summer over these locally made custom built laptops. if you are willing to spend close to half a million yen for just a gaming laptop.

here is a good shop that does DIY for you if you dont like to build a PC. just get a mITX build for the 8700k.


Jan 23, 2018

Thanks for your reply sir Marksavio!
Got a few question from reading your replies pls help me..
- I go to overseas often so i need laptop, mITX is quite hard to carry. if possible can u tell me how to go to overseas carrying mITX? also the monitor is quite the trouble xD.

- carrying around will break components inside like what kind of? is it only HDD? if its hdd i was planning to get ssds.

- now i found out that 8700k is quite risky. But im not sure that if my First choice laptop has good specs to play new games or not and idk how gaming laptop lasts. my laptop now im using with that brand is quite good, 2 years not a single problem and i also dont know how long this laptop will last. i clean up dust every month, its very silent good gaming laptop. just it cant play new games in nice ultra settings. some suggestions/opinions? thanks!


There is a huge difference between the laptops, you are asking to pick between a horse and an elephant here, not between two horses.

If it was my money I was spending, for gaming, and was going to use it as a laptop only, no external screen, not worried about size, I'd get a 17" 1080 IPS screen laptop with a GTX 1070 card.

Your two systems specs are so far apart the only thing they really have in common is that they are both laptops.

Even more specifically, if I had a perfectly working laptop with a 970m video card, I would not replace it for another year or two aside from maybe sticking in a solid state drive if it did not have one.



Jan 23, 2018

Thanks for the advice Mr. 9. I was thinking about buying it next year or next two years too! but i was worried that in the future they wont sell Nvidia Optimus Supported laptops anymore... i was comparing those two just to tell people that there is a huge difference in temps between those two Nvidia Technology. I explained the temps too(checked and confirmed with my own eyes).

now I just wanna confirm, how durable is GSYNC+Desktop Processor powered Laptops(the one that has super high temp).

I have never seen a gtx1080 laptop with optimus support so im confused. I know the second laptop s super expensive so i think i will wait single gtx1080 but i need some information about the desktop core processor in laptops with gsync. I am worried if i bought one and it goes boom 100c i will be dead xD.


If you won't be buying a system for a year or two, check then as to what is available. Any time you go up in heat generation you add a bit extra risk of failure. In laptops they will always have something to manage battery life and heat even if it's not called Optimus.
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