GTX 970M not working properly in ASUS GL502VT

Jun 6, 2018
So first off I'm going to say that I'm 100% new to really making threads and such. I am completely new to this site sooo...

As to some background about this laptop, I can say that I am not the original owner. I was given this laptop for free by my sister's roommate because it was broken. I just gave it a clean install of Windows 10 and I thought the laptop was working fine... until this happened.

Intel i7-6700HQ
Nvidia GTX 970m
Windows 10 RS4

The issue:
So mainly what happens is whenever my I update my GPU past a certain point, anything that access my GPU runs very slowly. The GL502VT being an Optimus forcefully enabled laptop, it doesn't seem like much of an issue, but it is. Almost every app uses the GPU now-a-days in Windows 10 and it takes a while before it gives up and uses the iGPU or something like that.

How I figured out:
Obviously, I tried to update the driver. When I made the clean install of Windows it seemed to be working fine. As anything the first person would try to do after either testing some games or right after they install the OS, they try to update the driver. I tried to update the driver and like I said, the laptop became extremely unresponsive and such. I just downgraded the driver and mainly thought about it.

Why it's an issue:
If your ASUS that's reading this (which this is similar to what they said) is "Why don't you just use the driver we provide" and to that I say "incompatibilities". I can't do encode videos in VP9 with my GPU using an old driver (Or with hardware acceleration on my CPU because that came on 7th gen Intel processors). Along with that, some games don't support older drivers (Minecraft Bedrock Edition just crashes). Lastly, I can't use my GPU as encoding either for videos, OBS crashes whenever I try to use my GPU for encoding.

How I noticed it again:
I probably noticed this again when I updated Windows 10 to either RS3 or RS4. I believe that in both of the updates it updated my GPU's driver because it was it was out of date. This would've been fine except for the fact that (obviously) this driver doesn't work with my laptop.

What have I done:
I've tried a bunch of drivers, I've tried to change my vBIOS to both a custom one and my backup, I don't believe either actually got written to my EEPROM. I'm not sure what all has happened to this GPU because I'm not the original owner, but it is a good laptop spec wise if it did work.

I'm honestly not sure what else I'm missing or what I should try next. I have tried to contact both ASUS and Nvidia and neither of them have helped me get closer to a fully working laptop. Thanks for reading my first attempt at starting a forum thread. If you know more about this then me, I would love your help.


The only supported drivers for laptops would be the ones from the laptop vendor. But seems that is a moot point for you since you said the system crashes using any driver, correct? The other thing, you got the laptop broken as you said, I'd say the broken part is the video card if it does not work. Post is really not very clear about what exactly the issue is and what drivers you had on it, what worked, what did not work, when system crashed, etc...
Jun 6, 2018
Currently, the only driver I have found that works properly is 359.54. Whenever I use a newer driver, any application that uses the GPU becomes slow or unresponsive. GPU-Z won't load with newer drivers, Control panel takes forever to load (Like over 5 minutes) and games either crash or never load. My computer has never crashed, but it just becomes slow/unresponsive. I normally have to boot into safe mode and use DDU to uninstall the newer driver whenever I try a new one.

Some drivers I've tried (that don't work):

Whenever I try to flash a new/different vBIOS it either says that it didn't find a GPU or that the EEPROM is locked (I believe). I've tried a bunch of things and I've only got it able to successfully flash a different vBIOS once and then it changed nothing. I'm not really sure what's going on with that.

Either way, I hope that this gives you a bit of insight about what I've done.


Is the card flash you are doing from ASUS support site? From what you tried, I would just leave the system running on the drivers that work. Better to have a system that has issues with some games than a dead system because you killed the video card.
Jun 6, 2018

I can't find a vBIOS for this laptop from ASUS' site. Also with the driver that is currently working for me I don't just have issues in some games, I have issues with most games. For example: Fortnite, Scrap mechanic, Poly Bridge and even 3DMark all have issues running on my 970M.
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