Jun 21, 2014
My laptop specs for introduction:
i7-4710mq 2.5hz (3.5 turbo, disabled turbo in power options cause temps are going even more nuts then)
gtx 860m
V300 120GB SSD
clevo 370ss laptop case
..forgot what else...

anyway cpu temps according to HWmonitor as i post now are jumping around from 42 to 50. its fine when browsing, but when i launch even not really intensive programs/games such as Adobe Premiere Elements, Roxio Creator, Adobe Photoshop, Runescape, Rocket League etc.. temps go wild. with Roxio hitting 80 degrees+, on Runescape 80~ degrees stable with medium settings and vsync on, with vsync off and top settings can go through the room with 100+ easily so im always in the much-hated vsync mode, rocket league med settings some 90~. not even trying some more intensive games. Ran a single Unigine Valley benchmark (JUST A SINGLE ONE), GPU temps were 93-94 celcius while CPU 98-100.Haven't looped benchmarks cause didnt want to burn my laptop, its expensive for a poor-man such as me.

As far as im aware of the laptop has only a single heatpipe and single air cooler inside it, also case quite lacks the room for air to move anyway I wanna ask what to do?Like into what is best to invest? Should i buy attachable vacuum cooler or a cooling pad or is there room inside the case and is it possible to buy and attach a heatpipe or any sort of laptop cooler inside? Maybe i should drill some holes in the case for air to flow? or maybe replace keyboard with one which could like double like a heatsink or something? I got compressed air for cleaning but aint sure, i cleaned laptop 2 months ago and considering how closed it it there shouldnt be much dust there. Read bout some people doing undervolting but heard its dangerous so probably not gonna do it.

My budget to get cooling fixed and running: 52.64Euros, odd number but its how much i found in my drawer at the moment.

What performance of cooling i need: to run 5 valley benchmarks straight without both cpu and gpu exceeding 91 degrees celcius