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  1. D

    Solved! Laptop won't switch on with or w/o battery

    Hi, I have an Asus P355M laptop, a few days ago it just wouldn’t switch on. I’ve plugged it to the power outlet with the battery intact, and tried it after disconnecting the internal battery as well, it still doesn’t power on. The power plug seems to be working as there’s a blue light. A few...
  2. SRaj007

    Question HDD Heating.

    I recently bought an Acer Nitro 5 and I find the hdd temperatures unusual. When I'm watching any 1080p content on VLC the HDD temp is 39-40°C but during any other task or even idle it is 45-46°C. What should I do? *I don't have any ssd, just a 1TB HDD.
  3. B

    Solved! HP ProBook 6555b overheating after switching mainboard

    Recently my HP ProBook 6555b just turned of with a black screen. Due to the backlight still working, I thought, it might be a motherboard-failure. So I bought a cheap replacement-board from E-Bay and replaced it. And the ProBook started as normal. But now, the CPU is getting overloaded very...
  4. H

    Solved! Asus n551jk get too hot on battery and shuts down without a charger

    hi , it started after windows 10 got installed (upgraded itself without asking me), after 4 months that i worked on it only with charger connected (cause it wont work without power), yesterday the cpu got too hot 90degrees, i decided to open it, cleaned it,added new thermal paste now its about...
  5. B

    Solved! Pulse Noise, from new Asus ultrabook (SSD only) Video attached

    I bought the new Asus Zenbook UX433 ultrabook. After few days of operation, I noticed it started to make these strange pulse noised, in a sporadic way. sometimes it would be heard every 30-40 seconds, and sometimes not heard at all: https://imgur.com/gallery/TuiODlx (turn up the sound and...
  6. S

    Why are there no laptops with open air style coolers?

    Since most graphics cards are using open air coolers, as they prove to be more effective at dissipating heat, why are there no laptops (that I can find) that use this design in cooling? I know this seems like a silly question, but I'm just curious because laptops are getter more...
  7. E

    W key stuck in gaming laptop keyboard due to heat melting its membrane. Is there a way to work around it?

    Hello, i have a gaming laptop with an i7-6700HQ that usually ends up getting quite hot while playing some heavy games such as witcher 3 and the battlefield series, and recently i started to have a problem that causes my W key membrane to get "stuck" in its pressing state due to the excess heat...
  8. R

    Solved! How does increasing hard disk size and closing the lid affect heat?

    I've got a laptop with a docking station, a bit of a bargain since it's a Probook G1 which has most of the components easily accessible. However, I've got two questions relating to heat: 1) If I use it in the docking station, with the lid closed, is this okay? I'm planning on using it closed...
  9. S

    Heat issues in Asus rog scar edition

    Is anybody experiencing heat issue in asus rog scar edition with 17.3" screen,16gb DDR4 ram i7-8750 processor gtx1060 6gb Gpu and 120hz fresh rate And if yes then what is the solution ?
  10. B

    Heat damage in gaming laptop???

    I have a gigabyte P57 gaming laptop that used to run 35-40 degrees when idle and 80-90deg GPU (around 85 CPU) under load (games like BF1, Fallout76 , Battlefront 2 and PUBG in ultra settings at good FPS). I overclock it through a gigabyte program that came with the PC. Like 2 days ago I...
  11. M

    CPU Heat question on this specific laptop, normal?

    Hello! I recently bought a new laptop for gaming, the ASUS FX503VM-DM042T 15.6 GTX 1060: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B0765CBZZJ/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new My question is about the heat levels. I tried playing Tera and the temp easily goes up to ~87 on the CPU. And im...
  12. A

    Does RX 580 has heat issues?

    I'm about to buy a RX 580 Sapphire Nitro. Some of my friends are saying that it has heat issues. I'm not thinking about overclocking it and also will use the stock fans. So is there really a problem of heat in RX 580?
  13. H

    My laptop with i3 3217u Overheat and Underperforming

    I bought a laptop with this spec: i3 3217u 1,8ghz Geforce 740m 2gb Ram 2x4gb When i use it for gaming like Gta V, Fortnite, AC Liberation, my laptop get very hot with gpu 85 degree and cpu 91 degree. And usage: gpu 50% cpu 100% ram usage only 4gb at gta v and 2gb ac liberation When i see a...
  14. J

    MacBook Pro Upgrade Heat Issue

    I have a Macbook Pro 15" mid-2010 that's always been pretty warm. I just upgraded to an SSD, more RAM, and a new battery, and it got even hotter than ever within minutes. Is this normal?
  15. A

    Dell G3 17" heat sink removal issue.

    Obligatory "I'm a newbie to laptops". Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the topic. Model: Dell G3 17" i5 8300h, gtx 1060 maxQ, 2 days old So after finding out that this model's cooling solution wasn't the best, hence the high GPU and CPU temps that hover anywhere from 72-85 degree celcius...
  16. danial feroz

    Solved! Laptop started to heat and reboot

    Hi, I'm using Compaq presario series laptop. Using it for more than 8 years, but using it for long time my laptop started to heat up and system started to reboot. Specs: Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit Ram 2gb Board Intel core i3 Desperately needed a solution. Thanks in advance, solution to this...
  17. K

    1366x768 vs 1920x1080 heat generation and battery performance

    I am looking at two laptops(1366x768 vs 1920x1080) ... they both come with Intel iGPU....I am not doing any graphical intensive work...Just math software and some programming... Am i right to think that the 1920x1080 one generates considerably more heat and has worse battery performance ? or...
  18. R

    MSI laptop is very high heat normal when gaming?

    Hello! I have a new laptop, MSI GP63 Leopard, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, i7-8750H. I'm kinda worried about the CPU and GPU temperatures, and not sure if it's normal or not. Using the MSI Dragon Center app, or the Open Hardware Monitor, at idle CPU runs at 55-60C (for some reason none of these tools...
  19. Graybush

    Discussion Thread: Heat Tolerance and Heat Prevention in Laptops

    So we can all agree that heat can be bad for our gadgets. If a laptop is too hot then BOOM. It's a goner. Okay, my image might be exaggerating. Either way, we don't want to see our valuables fail because of poor ventilation or overheating. How do you handle heating in your laptops? Do you...
  20. C

    Will the heat and the cold coming from the vent in the car damage a smart phone when using a vent mount?

    My husband recently got an LG smartphone. We bought a vent mount for it but he's wary about using it when the AC or heat are going. Is it safe for the phone to have those temps blowing on it? the design of our dashboard makes it hard to find a dash mount that will work.
  21. P

    XPS 15 9560 throttling

    Hey everyone, I have a Dell XPS 15 9560(i7-7700HQ ,8gb ram, 256gb ssd, 4gb GTX 1050) bought in December 2017. For the first 3 months(ie. in winters), I played COD:WWII and Rise of the Tomb Raider and did not face any throttling whatsoever and got frame rates as mentioned in various online...
  22. D

    How do I fix overheating for my laptop

    Hello! :) I've had this laptop for nearly 3 years and I've been dealing with overheating the whole time. It only shuts down when the weather gets hot. I've tried to open it up, but it's too difficult to take apart. I've tried MSI Afterburner and TThrottle, but they don't seem to work, if I have...
  23. S

    my laptop turns off exactly after 30 minutes and it is not heat related.

    hp probook 450 i5 laptop. always shuts down after exactly 30 minutes only way to avoid it is to suspend the laptop it is not heat related as on immediately restarting it works for another 30 minutes it is even behaving similarly if it is working without hard disk on linux live usb
  24. S

    Should the laptop be this warm?

    I recently had my fan cleaned out (still some rustling noises from there at times, though; I'll see if it goes on any longer), and it still spits out particularly warm air. Curious, I got a temperature gauge program to see what was going on. Right now, with just Notepad, Chrome, and the gauge...
  25. S

    Toshiba L850-1kg random shut down (no heat problems)

    Hello, I have a problem with my toshiba L850-1kg, after 20 to 30 minutes of being on it simply powers down without warning. Normally I would say it would be a problem with overheating, but after it shuts down the bottom of the laptop is as cold as if it never turned on. I also openened it up...
  26. D

    Asus ROG STRIX GL503V - CPU Heat/Temp concerns.

    Hey folks, I just bought my first gaming laptop, and have finally got around to playing some games. I quickly noticed how loud the fans get on this thing within 10 minutes of launching a game like Fortnite, Dota2, Guildwars.. you name it. I'm not so concerned about the fan noise, I can totally...
  27. J

    Can I swap out the GPU and/or the CPU in the alienware 15?

    So I am thinking of getting the alienware 15(http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/alienware-15/spd/alienware-15-laptop/dkcwkblf002s) over the helios 300 because someone told me that I can swap out the GPU and the CPU in that model (and it is supposed to have a lot better cooling) Could...
  28. J

    Looking for a gaming laptop please help me choose!

    Hello guys! I have been looking around for gaming laptops for the last 2-3 months now. The ones I have been interested in are the ones that have a gtx 1060 6gb or gtx 1070 8gb. And my price range is around 1000-1500$.(going to be ordering it in the summer) For a while now I decided that I was...
  29. D

    1070 or 1080 in a laptop: What's better for low heat?

    So when it is all about heat, and that shall be the only deciding factor, is it recommended to go with a 1070 or a under-clocked 1080? Can a 1080, when throttling it become more heat efficient than a 1070?
  30. T

    Solved! How to get my laptop to idle and run at lowest possible temperatures.

    I have a laptop that is from 2013. I'm still planning on using it until better July and September when i plan to upgrade. I took it in to get it cleaned out back in December and ever since then it's idling at between 42 and 45 Celsius when before that it was idling between 37 and 40. So I...
  31. J

    Is my laptop over heat?

    Hi, I just bought a new laptop for gaming and i saw that the CPU is getting pretty hot and that the fans makes a lot of noises. So i wondered if it is overheating? The temps are 40-50 degres celsius when idle but when i am playing game like csgo or rocket league the temps gets to 75-85 degres...
  32. E

    What does a ? Mark mean on the black phone screen

    My husband spilt some coffee and a bit was on the back of the phone and now the screen shows a black background with a question mark . He has dried the phone opened it up to check it was dry inside set it over the heat vent and it is plugged in for power. Still shows ? Help
  33. G

    Asus vivobook pro tends to heat a lot when gaming?

    My laptop specs: Model: N580v notebook pc Cpu: i7 7th gen 2.8GHz Gpu: gtx 1050 Ram: 16gb . My question is, does vivobook pro tends to heat a lot near the area where the video card is located during gaming sessions? I tried playing counter strike global offensive and after a few minutes in game...
  34. T

    heat management for laptops with nvidia 1060+ cards

    After buying the acer predator helios 300 and finding a faulty graphics chip, I returned it and started looking for another laptop (from another brand). However all of them seem to have the same issue in common: - heat management All the "top" brands with premium price-tags all appear to suffer...
  35. K

    what is the proper way to remove this heatsink?

    Can someone tell me how to remove this heatsink so i can access the chip below it.
  36. J

    GD30CI-NR004T Thermoshock issues

    Hei Guys and Girls :-) - This is a stationary computer, not a laptop Link: https://www.asus.com/no/Tower-PCs/ROG-STRIX-GD30CI/ One of the first to get my hands on ROG STRIX GD30CI-NR004T. GeForce GTX1080Ti 11GB Core i7-7700 32GB RAM 512GB PCIe SSD 2TB HDD DVD±RW,WiFi W10H Insane build. Love...
  37. 2

    hey my nextbook 8 wont turn on it heat up my charger but the light wont turn on

    My nextbook 8 light gets suck saying that its charge but the charger is not plug in and now my nextbook tablet is not turning on or charging up its heat up i went full charge with it and nothing do you have an idea
  38. G

    My Toshiba Laptop i5-5200u +gtx 950m is over heating

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite for gaming month ago..it was working normally for 2weeks than while I was playing GTA5 I noticed that my game starts to lag after 10mins(goes from 45~ to 20~)..I knew it was a heating issue so I run afterburner I was shocked that my cpu temperature reach 100-105c...
  39. M

    Little problem with heat on laptop pls help

    I got this new laptop 1 or maybe 2 months ago it's awsome it's a dell inspiron 7567 gaming laptop i7 - 7700 hq 16 gb ram nvidia gtx 1050 Ti 4gb vram hdd 1To + ssd 128 go when I leave it open at night when i sleep cause im downloading stuff , I find it kinda hot in the morning which is not...
  40. V

    Laptop Heatsink Temperature Estimation/Calculation

    Which software can be used to measure the laptop heatsink (not cpu) temperature near the fan? Are there any alternate methods to measure the heat sink temperature (experimental or software based or by calculation)? Any website which might provide me charts/graphs/relations between cpu...
  41. Snagged

    Looking for a Good Laptop Riser

    Any of you guys have good recommendations for a laptop riser? I just want something that is low cost, doesn't heat up the laptop and just an all around good buy. I've never bought one before. It's just for a small chromebook, 14 inch. Something like this...
  42. S

    After performing Heat Reflow on the GPU and Chipsets, The Laptop Cannot Switch on Again

    The laptop Had a Black screen. No back lights and no images. i used touch light to check if i could see anything but saw nothing. i tried connecting to an external but nothing displayed. so i performed heat reflow on hp g6 1127-sl laptop. AMD procesor and Chipsets. The Laptop Wont Turn on...
  43. A

    asus gl702vm vs lenovo legion y720

    hello every one. i had to buy a gaming laptop and my two options were: 1) asus rog gl702vm 17" core i7-7700HQ, gtx 1060(6gb), 16gb ram, 1tb hard, 128gb ssd(sata) 2) Lenovo legion y720 15" core i7-7700HQ, gtx 1060(6gb), 16gb ram, 256gb ssd (nvme) Now i knew that asus gets hot as compared to...
  44. E

    Overheating and shutting down

    Hello. Here's my question I used to play games like Terraria and Robocraft with no problem at all in a crappy very old laptop, just a few fps drops, nothing out of common. About 7 weeks ago I had issues with my charger, it got a nasty cut in it that left it useless so I changed it to another...
  45. H

    ASUS Notebook K53U Motherboard

    I ordered a replacement motherboard, the one i had didn't have a video card on the board, other than that the board is the same. My question is does the video chip needs an heat sink? The heat sink that came with my motherboard copper rod sit on top of video chip. Is that enough or do i need...
  46. L

    Yoga 900 parmrest wearing off

    I got the Yoga 900 a year back. The palmrest is wearing off already. I dont sweat on the notebook nor its affected by direct sunlight. I guess the heat inside the notebook is creating this issue. Would like to understand why it happens and how could I prevent from more damage.
  47. DeskTopBro

    Program that shows heat map?

    Years ago I had a program for my old pc. It showed the heat of each component, how much power was being used, memory, CPU, etc... The format was nice. But I don't have it anymore and forgot the name. Does anyone know of a freeware version of something like this? A one stop shop display.
  48. X

    Alienware 15R3 overheating (Only while charging)

    Hello everyone, I recently bough an Alienware laptop, (15 R3 1070GTX) i received it yesterday and installed it completely. Now after one day i notice that the laptop is getting really hot (this only happens when charging the battery) As soon as i plug the charger in the laptop it is getting...
  49. J

    Asus ROG 702VM heat and performance issue

    Hi I just bought ASUS ROG 702VM Spec: 17.3" 120 Hz I7 7700HQ 16 GB DDR4 RAM 2400MhZ GTX1060 6GB When I play battlefield 1 on my laptop it gets very hot. About 80-90 degrees, and the fans are blowing at high pressure. I searched some forums and watched some YouTube videos on how to minimize...
  50. P

    Asus r558UQ is heating up while gaming .

    I just bought Asus r558UQ and started playing some of my old games Like WATCH-DOGS , Witcher 2 and gta4. i usually play games on mid settings but i dont know why my " Laptop is Heating on Mid & low settings". There is no Glitch on high Settings or on medium settings . But Heating is a major...
  51. Z

    Laptop Annoying Sound? :(

    Hello this is my first thread my problem is........ Annoying Sound! :( My Laptop Is Asus S400C Last week when i was playing League Of Legends it hangs up and creates some sound... so i have to forced shutdown it and after opening it again it creates that sound when my laptop heats .... i was...
  52. spiwar

    Solved! Should I keep the laptop plugged in all the time or Keep at 40-80% (heavy intensive workloads)

    So, I just bought a laptop. I'll keep this laptop at home most of the time, and will be using it for heavy tasks like video editing, gaming,.. I'll occasionally use this laptop for travelling purposes , and for that purpose I want to the laptop's battery to degrade as slow as possible...
  53. MySeaGateIsDown

    Laptop abruptly turn offs only when idling - no overheat

    I've a weird thing going on in my system. I have an i7 crystalwell notebook processor that heats up to 87-degree celsius when I play games like Battlefield on ultra settings. Though I play that way for a whole day, the laptop stays fine. But when I am on puny apps like Sublime text, MS word or...
  54. J

    How to prevent heating issues in the HP Spectre X360

    The smaller our laptops become while also getting more powerful, the harder it is to manage heat. The HP Spectre X360 is a powerful laptop with conventional i5 or i7 processor and RAM. Integrated graphics also generate heat. Keeping all of this under control is a challenge. Here is how to...
  55. A

    My 2 days old laptop MSI GP62MVR CPU and GPU temperature is at 95°C during gaming. Is this okay?

    I just bought this laptop 2 days ago like I said on the title. Still brand new.... But the laptop temperature constantly stays at 95°C - 96°C during gaming! I played batman arkham knight at maximum settings, but all the nvidia features are turned off. I put on stopwatch and only 18 minutes...
  56. G

    Will shims reduce heat on CPU/GPU heat sink and fan

    Hi all, I have a Pavilion DV6 3032TX laptop that has been pulled apart and had new thermal paste applied but after a while I saw no improvements and the thing is getting very hot still so I removed the heat sink and fan and found that the copper heat sink is not touching the full area of the cpu...
  57. J

    Need to figure this problem out. Heat issues

    So I am currently having serious heat issues on my desktop. I haven't a clue as to why but my computer has turned off because of centigrade reaching up to 90. I'm considering updating my PC top get VR ready... but I am curious if my rig is even worth updating or just starting over. I really...
  58. S

    Need best cooler pad and to take down my heat

    I have an MSI Dominator Pro 17' gaming laptop. I modified it with Intel Core i7-4930MX, 768GB RAID 0 (3 x Samsung PM851 256GB mSATA SSD), Kingston HyperX 32GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1866MHz, etc. (Running Windows 7 Pro) My problem is that it runs HOT! I just had my computer cleaned and Silicon...