Optimus technology with 64bit games


Nov 11, 2014

I have a problem with Nvidia's Optimus. Running 32bit games works flawlessly, I can force them to choose the right GPU (from the control panel) and everything is fine. Now, trying to run a 64bit game doesn't work like that.

The settings stay the same (forced Discrete GPU), etc etc, nothing has changed. 32bit games still run on nvidia, but 64 bit games, somehow, just start on Intel, although it's set to run on nvidia.

I've tried searching everywhere, there are other cases like this, none answered. I've tried upgrading / downgrading the drivers, messing around with regedit, moving the game folder to different folders etc. Pretty much I've tried everything in my mind and which I saw on Google.

It would be appreciated if any of you can help me with this problem.

Intel i5-3230M
Intel HD4000
Nvidia GT650M
8GB ram

Edit: My UEFI / BIOS doesn't have a setting, so I could make the whole laptop run only on DGPU.