How to get my old surround system to work with not just the cable box but the blu ray also.


Mar 31, 2017
I have an old Optimus surround sound system. (no hdmi) An LG blu ray player (1 HDMI only) and an LG HDtv (non smart) the tv has 2 HDMI, 1 antenna/cable in, composit (red, green, blue), and 1 optical digital out. I have no clue what optical digital out means. The Surround sound has NUMEROUS ins and outs but no HDMI not sure if it has the optical digital out. Oh and the cable box is a motorola it has 1 HDMI and component(red,white, yellow)
Current hook up is: Optimus to cable box component, then HDMI from cable box to tv. This means anything cable related is in surround sound. but the blue ray player which is also netflix for us hooks directly to the tv by HDMI so it can only use the tv speakers which really suck
Is there any way to fix this hookup so we can use surround sound with either cable or blu ray player? This Optimus is a fantastic unit just outdated.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Please be as detailed as possible cuz I am pretty new at this.
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