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  1. B

    Solved! Pairing A Samsung Non-Smart Remote UN70TU7000FXZA

    How come, all of a sudden after we lost power due to a storm, by standard Samsung remote cannot sync with my Verizon Fios remote? I have a brand new Samsung Crystal UHD 7 Series TV. The TV did not come with a Smart remote but a standard remote (BN59-01315J). The first time I setup my TV I was...
  2. emlit

    Solved! How Best to Move Away from 5s

    Considering a) my wife's 5s took an inadvertent bath, b) we're out of our current contracts, and c) Verizon is running a decent Mother's Day promo, I need advice for upgrading our old 16GB 5ses. I don't want to spend a ton of money, so what's your take on the following options: 1) Take...
  3. M

    Solved! sim card activation

    I have a LTE straight talk phone...can I activate a verizon sim card to it?
  4. E

    Changing carrier unlock code

    I have attt service and Verizon LG zone 3 phone and i need unlock code
  5. K

    S& Edge Verizon to ATT (Firstnet)

    I recently switched from Verizon to Att and took my S& Edge with. I updated the Access Point Names. Internet is fine, I can call out, and SMS is fine. I am having trouble receiving MMS and some incoming calls. i can have good coverage, receive calls from some but not others. I dont know if...
  6. R

    Solved! straight talk SIM into Verizon unlocked phone

    cant I just put my active SIM card in a used Verizon phone
  7. T

    Solved! how do i get mt broken straight talk cell phone to work on a Verizon phone i had in my drawer for yers?

    I have a straight talk cell that i dropped and i heard that you can use a straight talk account on my old Verizon cell phone. How?
  8. J

    Solved! Can I unlock a verizon iPhone SE and use a sim card to move from cdma to GSM network

    I have a Verizon iPhone SE. As is, from what I understand, it's locked and only uses CDMA. I don't know whether I understand the technology. I'm going to New Zealand, where there is only GSM networking. (1) Since the phone is fully paid for, can I unlock it? (2) Is there a sim card in my...
  9. T

    Switch unlocked Verizon phone to cricket

    I had this phone working fine. Loaned it to friend. He reset it now it wont work.
  10. S

    Restriction on my line

    What it mean when I call a Verizon phone number and it says that my number has been restricted and other friends of mine call and it says that their call cannot go through either because of a restriction on the line
  11. W

    Solved! Verizon phone straight talk sim card

    Will a straight talk sim card work on a version phone.
  12. G

    Verizon's BOGO Sale Includes Pixel 3, iPhone XS

    Verizon's latest sale takes up to $800 off flagship smartphones. Verizon's BOGO Sale Includes Pixel 3, iPhone XS : Read more
  13. G

    Verizon Will Soon Block Your Robocalls for Free

    The tools were previously included in a $3-per-month Call Filter service. Verizon Will Soon Block Your Robocalls for Free : Read more
  14. P

    Solved! No wifi calling on phone

    My husband bought a Moto X4 at Best Buy. We have Verizon as our carrier. Our service at the house is non-existent but I figured no big deal...we could use wifi calling. The phone does not have wifi calling and Verizon says our only fix is to buy him a new phone. Any advice?
  15. J

    Solved! looking to buy exalt 2 from verizon in bulk for resale where do I go?

    I need to buy the exalt 2 from verizon in bulk. where do I buy them for resale
  16. B

    Turned off phone

    Verizon canceled my service while I was incarcerated I can not pay what they want me to. They won't turn my phone back on and told me my new galaxy s 9 was now useless. Is there any way I can turn my phone back on?
  17. C

    Verizon Shows Real-World 5G Speeds at CES 2019

    The 5G revolution isn't here yet, but the speeds are definitely faster. Verizon Shows Real-World 5G Speeds at CES 2019 : Read more
  18. J

    Unlock code ZTE z839 Verizon phone

    Unlock code ZTE z839 Verizon phone
  19. C

    I have straight talk $30 refill card can i use it to pay my $30 verizon bill

    I have a straight talk refill card Can I use it to pay my Verizon bill
  20. M

    Solved! Will a Verizon sims card be comparable with straight talk j7 crown phone8

    Will a Verizon sims card be compatablr with straight talk j7 crown phone
  21. P

    Does LG renagade use Verizon towers it is a straight talk phone

    Does my LG renagade straight talk use Verizon towers
  22. F

    My iphone 4s doesn't have a sim do I need to buy the starter kit to make it work

    No sim card do I use straight talk or Verizon
  23. A

    Porting number from AT&T to Verizon

    I started service with AT&T years ago when lived on an island in Alaska. I've since moved to Portland and want to switch my service to Verizon because there coverage is significantly better here. But, I'm told I cannot port my number because of where it originated and Verizon does not have...
  24. PhilipMichaels

    Visible Review: Is This Carrier's $40 Unlimited Plan Too Good to Be True?

    Verizon-owned Visible offers unlimited LTE smartphone data for just $40 a month — a bargain price if you don't mind using the iPhone. Visible Review: Is This Carrier's $40 Unlimited Plan Too Good to Be True? : Read more
  25. F

    Solved! Can I switch my Verizon prepaid phone over to an AT&T prepaid plan

    I need to know if I can switch my Verizon prepaid phone that I purchased over to AT&T prepaid? It's a Verizon phone that I used a Verizon prepaid plan on for almost 2yrs and now I want to switch to AT&T and don't want to buy another phone.
  26. PhilipMichaels

    Help Me, Tom's Guide: How Do I Get a Better Cellphone Signal?

    Is your smartphone dropping a lot of phone calls in your home? The problem could be your cellular reception. Fortunately, you've got a couple options for tackling the issue. Help Me, Tom's Guide: How Do I Get a Better Cellphone Signal? : Read more
  27. M

    How do you remove Verizon from the eclipse tablet? I no longer have them!

    The tablet was part of a promotion, when I completed my contract moved to a different carrier, wanted to take the tablet with me to the new service but Verizon refused to unlock and transfer. Years later the tablet works great, just want to update software. So I am looking for assistance in...
  28. A

    Google Fi vs. Verizon: Which Is Right for You?

    Google Fi has made headlines lately for expanding its service to cover more devices and users. But is it a good replacement for Verizon’s reliability? Google Fi vs. Verizon: Which Is Right for You? : Read more
  29. M

    Solved! Verizon network isn't being deprioritized all the sudden...Why?

    I owned a factory unlocked Moto 5GS Plus. Had it on Page Plus which piggyback's on Verizon's network. Half the time it was heavily deprioritized, under 0.3 mbps speed. The Moto's screen broke, so I bought a Straight Talk locked Samsung Galaxy S7 because I read it was compatible. That was 3 weeks...
  30. R

    Solved! How to activate my new att sim card in my old Verizon phone

    How to activate my sim card from att on my galaxy 5 from Verizon
  31. G

    Today Only: Take $300 Off Galaxy Note 9

    Samsung's über phone is on sale for $699. Today Only: Take $300 Off Galaxy Note 9 : Read more
  32. M

    how can I unlock a preowned phone

    I purchased a used Galaxy 5 (with verizon network) online and gave to a friend as a gift; also, the phone did not come with a carrier SIM card. When my friend tried to activate the phone, she was told that the phone is locked and can only be unlocked by the previous owner. I have no idea who...
  33. A

    How can unlock my Verizon phone and use my country simusic card on it?

    I got a Samsung Galaxy 6 from US but the phone doesn't accept my country simcard . How can I unlock it?
  34. Y

    i need a unlock pin for a verizon galaxy core prime phone

    looking for a pin or how to exactly unlock my verizon galaxy core prime phone
  35. R

    unlock my phone

    how do I unlock my Verizon Moto E4 to use with total wireless network carrier
  36. I

    Solved! Pls I want to unlock my Verizon phone

    Network unlock code for unlock
  37. S

    LGV40 speaks, unprovoked. ???

    Sometimes, when I'm looking something up or just tooling around on the internet with my LGV40, my phone will randomly say, "Verizon." It's quick and robotic, but a little weird and feels like a glitch. Has anyone else had a phone speak randomly to them? To be clear, this doesn't happen when I...
  38. S

    Solved! how do i unlock network on moto verizon XT1767

    how do i unlock network on moto verizon
  39. A

    Solved! Phone call restrictions

    Call Verizon phone says call has restrictions won't let you go thru phone says has restrictions
  40. E

    My SHC-1705 tablet wont turn on, itl be ON but it will be a blank screen and ive been looking on the web for an hour trying to

    I really really need some help with this, ive had this tablet a while and would like to know if it can be saved thanks!.
  41. B

    Lost Moto e4.

    Unlock a phone that I lost, locked & then found. Moto e4, service carrier was Verizon prepaid
  42. E

    will a Verizon flip phone work on Xfinity mobile

    my wife finds smart phone hard to use and Xfinity does not offer any flip phones is there a phone out there that will work?
  43. B

    Solved! My screen keeps going black then back on again

    My Samsung Verizon E keeps going black then back on again what can I do
  44. L

    Verizon LG Flip Phone Crashing Whenever I Open My Pictures

    I have what I'm pretty sure is this phone, the Verizon LG Exalt [photo linked here.] What happened pretty much was that I ended up downloading a photo I suppose was too large for my phone to support. It had said the download failed, but I see it's in My Pictures...
  45. K

    How to use WiFi only no data

    I have a Samsung J100 prepaid Verizon phone. How can I visit on the Wi-Fi having to buy more minutes?
  46. S

    Us cellular phone put my Verizon son card in it and now I have a triangle over my bars. How do I get it to work to the full on

    My mom sent me her us cellular phone and I put my Verizon sim card in it and now I have a triangle over my bars and only 3g when I pay for 4g. How can I fix this? Or do I need to not use this phone?
  47. R

    Solved! Does the j7 sky pro run off of verizon towers?

    Does the j7 sky pro run off of verizon towers?
  48. O

    How to switch old sim to Verizon wireless card

    I want to switch my old sim card to wizard sim card
  49. J

    Verizon to cricket data works phone and mess doesbnot

    Yes I've got a Verizon phone that I unlocked. Can I use it to Cricket and worked fine for a couple weeks I did a factory reset now the data works but the phone and messaging won't can anyone please help
  50. D

    Solved! Can i convert a verizon phone a different carrier

    Making a verizon into a strsight talj carrier
  51. P

    Android Verizon LG G3 done for?

    I have a LG G3 Android cell phone (Verizon about 5yrs old). I've only had a problem with the phone getting hot while CHARGING in the car. I had used a charging cable (not original Verizon) & the phone started to get hot. (about a year ago) I recently used a "fake" cable & the same, in fact...
  52. C

    Solved! Switching messages apps...keep getting old notifications

    I just switched from what I guess is Andriod Messages app to the Verizon Messages + app....and it keeps giving me notification about messages from months ago! And I feel it's not going to stop! How to I turn this off, if possible? Thanks! I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I switched apps...
  53. K

    Solved! How to free up space and storage on my Elipsis 8 Android Tablet. Verizon wireless??

    How to free up storage on my Elipisis 8 Android Tablet Verizon Wireless. Have no room for updates
  54. R

    Solved! Phablet carry ing

    If I by tablet WTH 1 or dual SIM card ports therefore do I have a phone??? Another question is it like a phone as far as the carrier like GSM atsm or whatever Verizon metro boost ?????? Do I have to by a version phablet for Verizon or jail break it or something like that
  55. N

    My Verizon Ellipsis 7's Screen shattered about a year ago and it worked for three months Before it only showed the bottom of t

    The Tablet Is only showing the bottom of the screen following a crack. Pls Help! Thank you.
  56. F

    I need to activate a Straight Talk SIM card to Verizon

    Manual set up a straight talk sim card with Verizon
  57. H

    Unlock verizon metropcd

    I have an old moto android phone that was with Verizon. Already connected phone through metropcs but cant get into the phone as it wont accept the sim
  58. S

    Solved! Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

    I just received my tablet and it has a Verizon phone number. Does this mean it will make/receive calls and texts?
  59. D

    Can I convert a GSM razer phone to CDMA

    I want to purchse a razer phone, but it is not compatible with Verizon because it uses GSM. Is there a way to still use Verizon?
  60. M

    Verizon to cellular one unlock code

    I have a cellular one sim card in my Verizon Samsung galaxy J1 it says her Verizon's unlock code to use this sim